Approval Flow 20211025
This approval flow determines approvers based on an externally managed list. Approver information is obtained from an external list based on the project selected by the applicant and the approvers are determined. This makes it easy to deal with frequent changes in approvers.
Worker (#of Swimlane: 4)
  • Applicant
    • The person in charge of drafting a request for approval.
  • System Administrator
    • System administrators who provide recovery support in the event of an error.
  • Project Leader
    • Leader of the relevant project to approve the request.
  • Director
    • The officer in charge of the relevant project who approves the request.
Business Flow (Complexity of Workflow: 24)
  • 11. Submit a request
    • The applicant drafts a request for approval.
  • 41x. Respond to a rejection
    • The applicant revises the draft and resubmits or withdraws it.
  • 351y. Error Recovery
    • The system administrator recovers from problems in the approver decision process by manually selecting the approver.
  • 32. Approve
    • The project leader approves the draft. If there are any deficiencies, it is sent back.
  • 143. Executive approval
    • External payments of more than $5,000 are approved by the executive.
  • 31x1-1. Project ID conversion
    • The workflow platform converts the ID of the selected project into character data.
  • 33x1-2. Identify the relevant rows in the database
    • The workflow platform identifies the row with the relevant project ID from a list in Google Sheets.
  • 29x1-3. Acquire data from the relevant rows of the database
    • The workflow platform retrieves the data from the relevant row in Google Sheets.
  • 32x1-4. User acquisition from email address
    • The workflow platform sets user type data based on the email address retrieved.
  • 5x2. Record of withdrawal
    • The workflow platform overwrites the ‘Status’ (Select-type) data item to show ‘Withdrawn’.
  • 8x3a. Leader approval records
    • The workflow platform overwrites the ‘Status’ (Select-type) data item to show ‘Approved’.
  • 17x3b. Director approval record
    • The workflow platform overwrites the ‘Status’ (Select-type) data item to show ‘Director Approved’.
  • 21x4. Director rejecton record
    • The workflow platform overwrites the ‘Status’ (Select-type) data item to show ‘Director Rejected’.
Business Process Variables (#of Data Item: 24)
  • ▼ Application ▼ 0
  • Applicant Affiliation q_Affiliation 1*
    • The department to which the originator belongs is stored. (“Organisation” in the workflow platform).
    • processInstanceInitQgroupId
  • Drafter q_Drafter 2*
    • The drafter is stored in the system. (“user” in the workflow platform).
    • ${processInstance.initQuserId}
  • Time of Submission q_Submission 3
    • The date and time of the submission is stored.
  • Select Related Projects q_Project 29*
    • Stores which project the draft relates to.
  • Contents q_Contents 4*
    • The contents of the draft and the reasons for it are stored.
  • Attachments q_Attachment 5
    • It contains attachments relating to the content of the draft.
  • External Payment q_Payment 6
    • The amount of the external payment is stored.
  • Internal Man-Hours q_Hours 7
    • The amount of internal man-hours is stored.
  • Budgetary Classification q_Budget 8
    • The budget category of the draft is stored.
  • Budget Category Remarks q_Remarks 9
    • The remarks of the budget category of the draft content are stored.
  • ▼ Leader Approval and Executive Approval ▼ 10
  • Approving Leader q_Superior 11
    • The project leader who approves the draft is stored.
  • Leader Approval Time q_Approval 12
    • Automatically set in ‘2. Approve’
  • Approving Executive q_Officer 14
    • The executive officer in charge of approving the draft is stored.
  • Executive Decision Time q_Decision 15
    • Automatically set in “3. Executive approval”
  • ▼ Results of the Approval Process ▼ 16
  • Status q_Status 17
    • The status of the approval process is stored. It will be automatically overwritten at x2, x3, and x4.
    • 1
  • ▼ Internal Communication ▼ 20
  • Comments / Messages q_Message 21
    • Internal comments and messages are stored.
  • Project ID (String-type) q_ProjectId 26
    • The project ID (String-type data) is stored.
    • 222
  • Project Row in Database q_ProjectRow 28
    • Stores the corresponding number of rows of related project information in Google Sheets.
    • 4
  • Approver 1 Email Address q_Email1 27
    • Contains the email address of the project leader who will approve the project.
  • Approver 2 Email Address q_Email2 30
    • Contains the email address of the executive officer in charge of approving the project.

Field Name, num, Initial Value


This archive contains the BPMN icon, which is only available in the Professional edition.


  • A Google Sheets list needs to be created beforehand to manage the relevant project and approver email addresses. At the very least, the control list should have columns for project ID, leader email address and executive email address. Set the properties of “x1-2. Identify relevant row in DB” and “x1-3. Get data from relevant row in DB” accordingly with that Google Sheet.
  • You can also take the ‘Select Related Project’ option from the Google Sheets list to avoid a divergence from the admin list. In this case, the project name column is also required in the control list. This can be achieved by preparing a separate workflow application using [Google Sheets: Download Choice Data].


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