Invoicing Process, ClimberCloud Integration 20230227
This process is used to create and electronically store invoices to be issued. An invoice PDF is automatically generated from the input information. The invoice PDF is automatically stored in ClimberCloud (a service that supports the Electronic Bookkeeping Act and invoice system).
Worker (Number of swimlanes: 1)
  • Accounting
    • Accounting personnel who prepare invoices.
Workflow (Workflow diagram complexity: 10)
  • 11. Data entry/verification
    • The invoicer enters the data for the invoice.
  • 102. View and print invoice PDF
    • The invoicer prints the PDF and checks the contents.
  • 4x1. Set subject, date, etc.
    • The workflow platform generates and sets values for multiple data items.
  • 15x2. Set the PDF file name
    • The workflow platform generates and sets the PDF file name.
  • 7x3. Automatic PDF generation
    • The workflow platform generates a PDF file by inserting the values of the specified data items into a mounted PDF.
  • 16x4. ClimberCloud Upload
    • The workflow platform uploads files to ClimberCloud as “Web Billing Documents”.
Business process variables to be passed (number of data items: 44)
  • ▼ Internal Communication ▼ 3
  • Internal Correspondence q_Correspondence 4
    • Internal memos are stored.
  • Internal Correspondence Attachments q_Files 5
    • Files related to internal memos are stored.
  • ▼ End User Information ▼ 6
  • End User Name q_End_User 7*
    • The name of the end user of the billing case will be stored. x1. will be inserted automatically in the subject line.
  • ▼ Ordering Information ▼ 8
  • Sales Representative q_Salesperson 9*
    • The sales representative in charge of billing cases is stored.
  • Order Receipt Date q_Date 10
    • The order receipt date of the billing case is stored.
  • Order Form File q_Order 11
    • The order form file for the invoice case is stored.
  • Service Details q_Article 12
    • The service provided in the billing case will be stored.
  • Service Delivery q_Delivery 13
    • The service delivery date provided for the invoice case is stored.
  • ▼ Delivery Information ▼ 14
  • Development q_Developer 15
    • The development charge for the billing case will be stored.
  • Delivery Date q_Delivery2 16
    • The delivery date of the invoice case is stored.
  • Inspection and Acceptance Completion Date q_Acceptance 17
    • The date when the acceptance inspection of the invoice case is completed is stored.
  • Deliverable Contents q_Contents 18
    • The contents of the deliverables of the billing case are stored.
  • Statement of Delivery q_Statement 19
    • The delivery note file for the invoice case will be stored.
  • Receipt and Inspection Report q_Acceptance_Report 20
    • The acceptance report file for the invoiced case is stored.
  • ▼▼ Claims due to this Case ▼▼ 21
  • ◆ Billing Company Name q_Company 22 *
  • ◆ Billing Company ID q_CompanyId 45*
    • The ID of the billing company (master ID on the ClimberCloud side) is stored.
  • ◆ Zip Code + Address q_Address 23 *
  • ◆ Contact Person’s Department + Name q_Personnel 24 *
  • Publisher – Company name q_Issuer_Name 43*
    • Questetra Corporation
  • Issuer – Address, etc. q_Issuer_Address 42*
    • 〒604-0835 206 Takamiya-cho, Oike-dori Manomachi Higashi-iru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto TEL: 075-000-0000 / FAX: 075-000-0001
  • Date Invoice Issued q_Issuance 25 *
  • ◆ Invoice Date Indication q_Date_Indication 26
    • The value of q_Issuance is textualized in x1.
  • ◆ Invoice Document ID q_Invoice_ID 27
    • #{#format(processInstanceStartDatetime, ‘yyyyMMdd’)}-#{#sformat(‘%05d’, processInstanceId)}
  • Payment Deadline q_Payment 28 *
  • ◆ On the Invoice Message q_Header_Message 29
    • Automatically generated in x1.
    • Thank you for your continued patronage. We would like to charge you as follows. Please make your payment to the following account:  Mizuho Bank, Kyoto Chuo Branch, Account no. 2287510 K.K. Questetra Payment due date: YYYYY year MM month DD (automatically set)
  • Itemized Table q_Table 2 *
  • Description of Subtotal 1 q_Description1 30
    • Subtotal (excluding tax)
  • Subtotal 1 q_Subtotal 31
  • Description of Subtotal 2 q_Description2 32
  • Subtotal 2 q_Discount 33
  • Description of Subtotal 3 q_Description3 34
    • Consumption tax
  • Consumption Tax, etc.3 q_Tax 35
  • Description of Total q_Description_Amount 36
    • Billing Total
  • Total, etc. q_Total 37
  • ◆ Below the Invoice Message q_Message 38
    • (Please edit this sentence with the default value of “q-Message”) Thank you very much for your business. Questetra BPM Suite is a workflow product that allows you to send and receive business data on the cloud. It is characterized by the ability to set up a workflow with just a Drag & Drop operation, and can be used for approval flows, order and invoice flows, and complex workflows such as complaint handling flows, It is possible to systemize even complex workflows such as a claim handling process, under the control of the site. If you would like to incorporate an automatic PDF form generation function, or if you would like us to propose modeling of other business processes, etc. please feel free to contact us. Qualified Invoicing Business Registration Number: TXXXXXXXXXX
  • PDF File Generation Date q_PDF_Date 39
    • The date and time when the invoice PDF file was generated will be stored. x1. will automatically set this date and time and x2. will insert it into the file name string.
  • PDF File Nameq_PDF_Name 0
    • The invoice PDF file name will be stored. The file is automatically generated at x2.
  • PDF File q_PDF 1
    • The invoice PDF file is stored. The file is automatically generated at x3.
  • Log for Climber q_log 44
    • Logs of ClimberCloud file uploads are stored.

Field name, Num, Initial value


Available in Professional edition only.


  • ClimberCloud is a service provided by NTT Data Business Brains, Inc. and is JIIMA certified (the service is compliant with the Electric Ledger Law and Invoice System).
  • Upload the necessary files using [ClimberCloud: Upload Web Invoice File].
  • For information on how to obtain an API key for ClimberCloud, please refer to the ClimberCloud service (Support > Terms of Use/Specifications > WEBAPI Specifications). For a trial of ClimberCloud, please apply from the ClimberCloud site.
  • The settings are based on the assumption that the ClimberCloud side has prepared a Web Billing transaction document folder with the following content ID and input format, and that the Web Billing counterparty master has been prepared. Please adjust the settings together with those of ClimberCloud as necessary.
    • Content ID: INVOICE_S
    • Input format (Column name, required and attributes below, and digit length, minimum and maximum values should be set according to your assumption)
      • Date of transaction: Mandatory: Date
      • Invoice recipient:Required: Business partner
      • Transaction amount: Mandatory: Integer
      • Questetra Process ID: optional: string


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