Billing Process
The billing data is entered at [1. Invoice Data Check]. The invoice PDF is automatically generated at [PDF Auto-generation]. When the payment is confirmed by accounting, the process will be completed.
BPMN Nodes
  • 1 1. Invoice Data Check Invoice creator enters invoice data
  • 10 2.Invoice PDF Check & Print out The invoice creator prints the PDF and checks its contents
  • 12 3. Payment Confirmation An Accounting staff confirms the payment
  • 3 x1. Title, filename, etc. set The system generates and sets values for multiple Data Items
  • 15 x2. Filename set The system generates a string to be the PDF filename
  • 7 x3. PDF Auto-generation The system inserts the values of the specified Data Items into the Template PDF and generates a PDF file.
  • 16 x4. Next day set The system sets the next day date of #q_Payment
  • 11 x5. Deadline calculation The system sets the noon of #q_Next_Day
Workflow Diagram (click to open)
Variables (click to open)
  • = Internal Communication = 3:
  • Correspondence q_Correspondence 4:
  • Files q_Files 5:
  • = End User Info = 6:
  • End User Name q_End_User 7: Inserted to Title ad x1.
  • = Order Info = 8:
  • Salesperson q_Salesperson 9:
  • Date Order Received q_Date 10:
  • Order File q_Order 11:
  • Article of Commerce q_Article 12:
  • Delivery Date q_Delivery 13:
  • = Delivery Info = 14:
  • Developer q_Developer 15:
  • Delivery Date q_Delivery2 16:
  • Acceptance Inspection date q_Acceptance 17:
  • Contents of Deliverable q_Contents 18:
  • Statement of Delivery q_Statement 19:
  • Acceptance Inspection Report q_Acceptance_Report 20:
  • = Billing on This Issue = 21:
  • = Company Name q_Company 22:
  • = Address & Zip Code q_Address 23:
  • = Personnel Name & Affiliation q_Personnel 24:
  • = Invoice issued by: q_Invoice 42: Questetra, Inc.
    Kyoto (Edit Initial Value of “q_Invoice” for this Field)
    This is supposed to be in 3 lines.
  • Invoice Issuance Date q_Issuance 25:
  • = Date Indication q_Indication 26: The value of q_Issuance is converted to text at x1.
  • = Invoice ID q_Invoice_ID 27: #{#format(processInstanceStartDatetime, ‘yyyyMMdd’)}-#{#sformat(‘%05d’, processInstanceId)}
  • Payment Deadline q_Payment 28:
  • = Header Message on Invoice q_Header 29: Thank you for your Orders.
    Please make your payment as follows.

    Please transfer to:
    Mizuho Bank Kyoto Chuo Branch 2287510 ; Questetra
    Payment due date:
    #{#format(data[”], ‘yyyy-MM-dd’)}

  • Table of Details q_Table 2:
  • Description of Total 1 q_Description1 30: Subtotal (Tax excld)
  • Subtotal 1 q_Subtotal 31:
  • Description of Total 2 q_Description2 32:
  • Discount, etc. 2 q_Discount 33:
  • Description of Total 3 q_Description3 34: Tax
  • Tax, etc. 3 q_Tax 35:
  • Description of Total Amount q_Description_Amount 36: Total Amount
  • Total Amount q_Total 37:
  • = Message on Invoice Footer q_Message 38: (To change wordings in this field, edit the Initial Value of “q_Message”)
    Thank you for using our product.

    “Questetra BPM Suite” is a Workflow product that allows Business Data transfer over Cloud Computing.
    It has a unique feature that you can design the flow of your business by Drag & Drop. You can systematize complicated operations such as ‘Decision making’, ‘Orders-Billing flow’, or ‘Complaint Handling’ all driven by the business front.

    Please feel free to ask us your requests, such as ‘want to use PDF document auto-generation’ or ‘give us a proposal of the Process Modeling on other businesses’, etc.

  • PDF generated time q_PDF_Date 39: Automatically set at x1. It will be inserted into the filename string at x2.
  • PD File name q_PDF_Name 0: Automatically generated at x2.
  • PDF file q_PDF 1: Automatically generated at x3.
  • Noon of the next day of Deadline q_Noon 40: Automatically set at x5. Tobe the deadline of “3. Payment confirmation”
  • (The next Day of Deadline) q_Next_Day 41: Automatically set at x4.



Only available for Professional edition.


  • You need to associate the Swimlane settings according to your organizational structure upon import
  • Make the necessary settings in edit mode after installation
    • For practical use, please change the fixed values that have been set
    • Initial Values in Data Items
      • = Invoice issued by:, = Message on Invoice Footer
    • Display Labels in Select-type Data Items
      • Article of Commerce
    • Update Data ”x1. Title, filename, etc. set”
      • Sentences in Value or Expression of = Header Message on Invoice
    • Tax rate set in the Expression of “Tax, etc. 3”

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