Billing Process
The billing data is entered at [1. Invoice Data Check]. The invoice PDF is automatically generated at [PDF Auto-generation]. When the payment is confirmed by accounting, the process will be completed.
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1. Invoice Data Check 2.Invoice PDF Check & Print out 3. Payment Confirmation Deadline calculation PDF Auto-generation Title, filename, etc. set
guide = Internal Communication =
discuss Correspondence
files Files
guide = End User Info =
single End User Name
guide = Order Info =
search Salesperson
yyyy-mm-dd Date Order Received
files Order File
select Article of Commerce
yyyy-mm-dd Delivery Date
guide = Delivery Info =
search Developer
yyyy-mm-dd Delivery Date
yyyy-mm-dd Acceptance Inspection date
multiple Contents of Deliverable
files Statement of Delivery
files Acceptance Inspection Report
guide = Billing on This Issue =
single = Company Name
multiple = Address & Zip Code
multiple = Personnel Name & Affiliation
multiple = Invoice issued by:
yyyy-mm-dd Invoice Issuance Date
single = Date Indication
single = Invoice ID
yyyy-mm-dd Payment Deadline
multiple = Header Message on Invoice
table Table of Details
single Description of Total 1
number Subtotal 1
single Description of Total 2
number Discount, etc. 2
single Description of Total 3
number Tax, etc. 3
single Description of Total Amount
number Total Amount
multiple = Message on Invoice Footer
datetime PDF generated at
single PD File name
files PDF file
datetime Noon of the next day of Deadline
datetime (The next Day of Deadline)


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