Travel Request Process, Teams Chat Notification 20220912
This is the process of applying for and approving business travel. During the application process, the address to be visited can be searched by postcode. After the application is submitted, an approval request is posted to Microsoft Teams Chat.
Workers (Number of swimlanes: 2)
  • Applicant
  • Supervisor
    • Applicant’s supervisor
Workflow (Complexity of workflow diagram: 13)
  • 11. Registration of Travel Details
    • The applicant submits a request for details of the desired business trip
  • 51x. Application Return
    • The applicant can either amend and resubmit the application or withdraw it
  • 42. Travel Authorization
    • The applicant’s supervisor checks the application and returns it if it is incomplete
  • 3x1. Set Application Time
    • The system automatically sets the current time as the application time
  • 10x2. Notification Preparation
    • The system prepares the data to be sent to Teams Chat
  • 9x3. Approval Request Notification
    • The system posts a message to Teams Chat
  • 6x4. Set Approval Time
    • The system automatically sets the current time as the approval time
Business process variables to be passed on (number of data items: 18)
  • ▼ Destination of Business Trip ▼ 0
  • (Address Filter) q_Address_Filter 1
    • The system narrows down the choice master by the characters entered and the applicant makes a decision. The Auto Enter button assigns the postcode and address to the primary destination postcode and primary destination address respectively
  • Primary Destination Postcode q_Post_Code 2
    • Click on the ‘Auto-fill’ button in the address filter to copy the address
  • Primary Destination Address q_Address 3
    • Click on the ‘Auto-fill’ button in the address filter to copy the address
  • Name of Main Destination q_Destination 4 *
  • Purpose of Trip and other Destinations q_Purpose 5 *
  • Select (chat) Recipient for Notification of Approval Requests q_Chat_Id_Select 17
    • The approval notification destination (the chat to which the message is posted) is stored
  • ▼ Estimated Travel Costs ▼ 6
  • Start Date q_Start_Date 7 *
  • End Date q_End_Date 8
  • Travel Expenses q_Transportation 9 *
    • The applicant’s estimated travel costs are stored
  • Accommodation Expenses q_Accommodation 10*
    • The applicant’s estimated accommodation costs are stored
  • ▼ Communication ▼ 11
  • Application Time q_Request_Time 12
    • Automatically set at x1.
  • Approval Time q_Approve_Time 13
    • Automatically set at x4.
  • Discussion q_Discussion 14
    • Correspondence between the parties concerned is stored
  • Chat Id q_Chat_Id 15
  • Chat Message q_Chat_Message 16

Field name, Num, Initial value


Only available in Professional edition.


  • After importing, the app settings need to be changed in the Edit mode.
    • (Immediately after import, a configuration error occurs)
  • For setting up integration with Microsoft365-based services (see also the Add-on XML link in See Also for more information on scope, etc.).
  • The fixed values set should be changed when in use.
    • Choice ID for the Select-type data item ‘Select (chat) Recipient for Notification of Approval Requests’ (specifying the Chat Id of the posting destination)
      For information on obtaining the Chat Id, please refer to the following page.
      Microsoft Teams Chat Message Post (API)
  • The master file containing the postcode options is limited to certain regions (Tokyo, Aichi and Osaka) so that it will work without problems in the trial environment. For actual use, please download the latest version from the following page and replace it.
    Zip Code Japan


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