Travel Request Flow
Allows multiple personnel to give approval. By registering the deputy manager and assistant manager as “superiors”, staff other than the department manager become able to undertake the [2. Approval on Travel] Task. Incidentally, the Operation of [2. Approval on Travel] will be allocated to a person other than the person who handled the [1. Register Travel] Task.
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1. Register Travel 1x. Rework 2. Approval on Travel Approved time set Requested time set
guide = Destination =
search (Address Filter)
single Postal code of Main destination
single Address of Main destination
single Name of Main destination
multiple Purpose of travel, other destination
guide = Approximation of Travel expenses =
yyyy-mm-dd Travel start date
yyyy-mm-dd Travel end date
number Transportation cost
number Accommodation expenses
guide = Communication =
datetime Requested time
datetime Approved time
discuss Internal message


  • You need to modify to fit your Organizational structure upon import (Using Business Template for the First Time)
  • Immediately after importing, a setting error will occur
    • Make the necessary settings in edit mode
  • To use the mechanism of approval by a deputy, it is necessary to have set up the User registration information beforehand(System Settings – User List


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