Travel Request Flow
Allows multiple personnel to make an approval. By registering the deputy manager and assistant manager as “leader of the department (supervisor)”, other than the department manager become able to undertake the Task of [2. Approval on Travel]. Incidentally, the Operation of [2. Approval on Travel] will be allocated to a person other than who handled the [1. Register Travel] Task.
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1. Register Travel 1x. Rework 2. Approval on Travel Approved time set Requested time set
guide = Destination =
search (Address Filter)
single Postal code of Main destination
single Address of Main destination
single Name of Main destination
multiple Purpose of travel, other destination
guide = Approximation of Travel expenses =
yyyy-mm-dd Travel start date
yyyy-mm-dd Travel end date
number Transportation cost
number Accommodation expenses
guide = Communication =
datetime Requested time
datetime Approved time
discuss Internal message


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