Data Item: Numeric-Type

Displays a text field that accepts only numeric values and stores the entered value. Using this Data type it is possible to perform mathematical operations such as automatically calculating the sum of multiple other Numeric-type Data Items.

Configs: Common
  • Item Name
  • Field Name *
  • Data Type
  • Description
    • Correct Errors and Format
  • Note
  • Columns
    • 1
    • 2
    • 4
Configs: Numeric-Type
  • Required
  • Number Format
    • 1234567.89
    • 1,234,567.89
    • 1234567,89
    • 1.234.567,89
  • Initial Value
    • Manually input string
    • Insert expression…
      • Process ID
      • App ID
  • Number of decimal places
  • Prefix
  • Suffix
  • Minimum Value
  • Maximum Value
  • Expression (for inputting a formula)


Settings Screen

Input Screen


  • To input/edit Data Items, the editing authority in the task must be set to “Editable”
  • A value that can be entered is between -1 trillion and +1 trillion with up to 10 decimal places
  • The format of the decimal point and delimiters can be selected from four international standards
    • If you enter delimiters other than those specified at Number format in the Data Item or non-numeric characters, it will result in an error
  • Decimal places can be limited by specifying the desired number
  • Suffixes and prefixes can include alphanumeric and symbol strings to qualify the value, e.g. currency (Up to 20 characters)
  • Mathematical operations can be performed using the Expression field to input a formula
    • E.g. #q_numeric + 1, #q_unitPrice * #q_quantity, (#q_orderTable1.summary[‘3’] – #q_discount) * (1 + #q_taxRate)
  • Numeric-type data referenced in a formula must have been set to display
    • non-input will be handled as “0”
    • If the referenced Numeric-type data is set to “No display”, the input screen and the processing result may be different
  • Initial value and Expression cannot be configured simultaneously
  • Using the “Questetra Form JavaScript API“, you can also get/assign input field values and register event handlers

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