Data Item: Organization-Type

Displays a search box for selecting and storing an Organization on the workflow system. Users who have been registered in the selected Organization are the target.

Configs: Common
  • Item Name
  • Field Name *
  • Data Type
  • Description
    • Correct Errors and Format
  • Note
  • Columns
    • 1
    • 2
    • 4
Configs: Organization (Organization-Type)
  • Required
  • Initial Value
    • Process Start Organisation


Settings Screen

Input Screen


  • To input / edit data items, the editing authority in the task must be set to “Editable”
  • Input form has search select function
    • Candidates will be listed when you start typing part of a Organization name or a registered address
    • : Type name / email address.   : Search   : Clear   : Select your main Organization   : Select from Organization Tree
  • Use a select box to choose a subgroup from displayed organizational tree
  • Organization information includes “Organization name”, “Organization email address”, “Organization ID”
  • Can be used in Operator settings to nominate a group of coworkers for specific Tasks
  • Initial value can only be set to [Process Start Organization]
    • [Process Start Organization]: The Organization to which the user who newly started the Process belongs
    • Initial value is not set if the Process Start User who Operates the first Task is affiliated to multiple Organizations
    • [Process Start Organization] will not be set in Auto-started Processes
  • When an Organization-type Data Item is inserted in the destination of “Throwing Message Intermediate Event (Email)” it is sent to the email address of the target organization
    • If the email address is not registered an email will not be sent
  • Using the “Questetra Form JavaScript API“, you can also get/assign input field values and register event handlers

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