A base PDF file for automatically generating a quotation based on the entered business data. Values such as recipient and issuer information, amounts, and details entered in the workflow are inserted into each field.

PDF Form

Forms and its Field Names
Field Names (click to open)

A list of Field Names for specifying the Data Items to insert.
Prepare all Data Items with the following Field Names.

Data Item Name Dat type Field Name Description
Customer Company name String-type single-line q_Company
Assignment String-type multiple-lines q_Assignment Muximum 2 lines.
Customer’s Representative Name String-type single-line q_Representative
Date of Quotation Issuance Dater-type Y/M/D q_Issuance
Issuer Name String-type single-line q_Issuer_Name
Issuer Address String-type multiple-lines q_Issuer_Address Address, phone number, etc.
Up to 3 lines
Person in charge of Quotation User-type q_Person
Currecy symbol String-type single-line q_Currency Currency symbol to be displayed next to the number of Total Amount above the table.
Details Table Table-type q_Details The value of each cell of the Table-type Data Item will be inserted. (No need to set up for each cell)
Label for Amount 1 String-type single-line q_Label1 To be the label for the number on the right, such as Subtotal
Subtotal Numeric-type q_Subtotal e.g. Sum of Price column in the Table etc.
Label for Amount 2 String-type single-line q_Label2 To be the label for the number on the right, such as Discount or Shipping
Discount, etc. Numeric-type q_Discount e.g. Amount to be added to the subtotal such as “discount” and “shipping”
Label for Amount 3 String-type single-line q_Label3 To be the label for the number on the right, such as Tax
Consumer tax, etc. Numeric-type q_Tax e.g. Automatically calculated tax price
Label for Total Amount String-type single-line q_Label_Total To be the label for the number on the right, such as Total Amount
Total Numeric-type q_Total Total sum
Footer message on Quotation String-type multiple-lines q_Footer Greetings, transfer information, etc.
PDF file name String-type single-line (arbitrary) q_PDF_Name A string that will be the filename of the generated PDF file
PDF file File-type (arbitrary) q_PDF_File Data Item to store the generated PDF file


2022-06-26 (C) Questetra, Inc. (MIT License)
Addon-import is available with Professional edition


  • Add the downloaded Base PDF to either of the following
    • When sharing with multiple Apps (System Administrator privilege required):
      • [System settings] > [App-shared Add-on] > [PDF form in “Generate PDF File”]
    • When using with a specific App:
      • [App details] > [▼ App] > [Manage Add-on ] > [PDF form in “Generate PDF File”]
  • Select and specify the added Base PDF file name in [the PDF form as the template] on the setting screen of the [Generate PDF File]
  • Data insertion ID has been set for the Base PDF
    • Match the field name of the Data Item in which you want to insert the value with the data insertion ID
    • Please refer to the above image and list for the data insertion ID (Field name) and insertion position
    • For details on the settings of each Data Item, refer to the Business App below
  • Software such as Adobe Acrobat is required to edit the Base PDF itself


Output sample

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