Estimate Creation Flow
Generates a quotation PDF to be approved by a superior. In the [1. Drafting Quotation] Task you can enter the details and total cost of the order, and then the PDF quotation will be generated automatically. After approval by the superior, the status of the Issue is recorded at the [3. Submit Quotation] Task and [4. Win-loss Report] Task.
BPMN Nodes
  • 1 1. Drafting Quotation The sales personnel drafts a quote
  • 7 1x. Rework The sales personnel corrects and resubmits the report
  • 6 2. Approval on Quotation The sales personnel boss checks the quote and returns any deficiencies
  • 8 3. Submit Quotation The sales personnel submits the quote and reports the date and time
  • 9 4. Win-loss Report The sales personnel reports the result of win-loss
  • 14 x1. PDF filename set The system generates a string from fixed values and system variables and sets it in a Data Item
  • 5 x2. PDF generation The system inserts the values of the specified Data Items into the Base PDF and generates a PDF file
  • 15 x3. Post set The system generates a post body from fixed values, system variables, and Data Item values and sets it in a Data Item
  • 16 x4. Open Chat post The system posts the value of the specified Data Item to Open Chat.
Variables (click to open)
  • = Internal Communication = 0:
  • Special Remarks on Issue q_Remarks 1:
  • = Customer Info = 2:
  • Customer Company name q_Company 3: Will be inserted in the PDF
  • Customer’s Representative Name q_Representative 4: Will be inserted in the PDF
  • Assignment q_Assignment 24: Will be inserted in the PDF
  • Postal code, address q_Post_Address 25:
  • Phone number q_Phone 26:
  • Email address q_Email 27:
  • = Quotation Info = 5:
  • Person in charge of Quotation q_Person 6: Will be inserted in the PDF ${processInstance.initQuserId}
  • (Approved supervisor) q_Approved 22:
  • Service category q_Service 28:
  • Trade conditions q_Trade 7: 3
  • Date of Quotation Issuance q_Issuance 8: 3 days after the process start time. Will be inserted in the PDF processInstanceStartDatetime.addDays(3)
  • Quotation Expiration Date q_Expiration 9: 17 days after the process start time. processInstanceStartDatetime.addDays(17)
  • = Details Table q_Details 10:
  • Label for Amount 1 q_Label1 30: Will be inserted in the PDF Subtotal (w/o Tax)
  • Subtotal q_Subtotal 11: q_Details “Amount” column auto-sum. Will be inserted in the PDF.
  • Label for Amount 2 q_Label2 31: Will be inserted in the PDF
  • Discount, etc. q_Discount 29: Will be inserted in the PDF
  • Label for Amount 3 q_Label3 32: Will be inserted in the PDF Tax
  • Consumption tax, etc. q_Consumption 12: Auto-multiplication to q_subtotal to figure the tax. Will be inserted in the PDF
  • Label for Total Amount q_Label_Total 33: Will be inserted in the PDF Total amount
  • Total q_Total 13: #q_Subtotal +#q_Discount + #q_Consumption. The result will be inserted in the PDF
  • = Footer message on Quotation q_Footer 14: Will be inserted in the PDF (To change wordings in this field, edit the Initial Value of “q_Footer”)
    Thank you for using our product.

    “Questetra BPM Suite” is a Workflow product that allows Business Data transfer over Cloud Computing.
    It has a unique feature that you can design the flow of your business by Drag & Drop.
    You can systematize complicated operations such as ‘Decision making’, ‘Orders-Billing flow’,
    or ‘Complaint Handling’ all driven by the business front.

    Please feel free to ask us your requests, such as ‘want to use PDF document auto-generation’
    or ‘give us a proposal of the Process Modeling on other businesses’, etc.

  • PDF file name q_PDF_Name 15: Auto-generated at x1.
  • PDF file q_PDF_File 16: Auto-generated at x2.
  • = Submission Record = 17:
  • Date of Submission q_Submission 18:
  • = Win-loss Result = 19:
  • Date of Win-loss was found q_Date 20:
  • Win-loss q_Win 21: The downstream process differs depending on the selected value
  • Open Chat Post q_Open_Chat 23: Auto-generated at x3.


This archive contains the BPMN icons that are not available in the Basic edition.


  • You need to associate the Swimlane settings according to your organizational structure upon import
  • Immediately after importing, a setting error will occur
    • Make the necessary settings in edit mode
  • For practical use, please change the fixed values that have been set
    • Display Labels in Select-type Data Items of “Service category” and “Trade conditions”
    • The Initial Value in the Data Item “= Footer message on Quotation”
    • Tax rate set in the Expression in the Data Item “Consumption tax, etc.”
    • Fixed part such as company name on the base PDF (add-on) * Acrobat required

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