Script Task

Executes ECMAScript (program) on the server side and updates business data automatically. Capable for more complex processing than [Update Data] such as conditional branching and repetition processing, HTTP communication with the outside, email transmission, etc.

Configs: Common
  • Step Name
  • Note
  • Script *
    • Allow to clear the required data item
    • Token will move to Error Boundary Event when processing fails
    • Script Engine
      • GraalJS (Standard Mode)
      • GraalJS (Nashorn Compatible Mode) (deprecated)
    • Script



  • Business data modification or updating is performed collectively after script processing is completed
  • Updating is not performed when an error occurs (advances to the next Step)
  • It is also possible to distinguish the flow to which the processing proceeds when an error occurred from when it ended normally (Error Boundary Event)
  • Script processing time is limited to a maximum of 30 seconds (Slightly varies depending on load conditions)
  • HTTP requests must be up to 10 per one automatic Task
  • If [HTTP Destination Filtering] is enabled on the workflow platform, a request to an unauthorized connection destination will result in a runtime error
  • When If (processInstance.getProcessInstanceDebug() === true) { } is written in the script, the block will only be processed during debug execution
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