Performance Evaluation

Human Multitasking Workflow

Cleaning work and cleaning inspection work are carried out. If there is a work in [2. Clean up] or [3. Inspect room], a person who can deal with it will respond. While “waiting time” was allowed under the division of labor system, productivity improvement is achieved through multifunctionalization of employees.

Personnel Evaluation Process

Conducts performance appraisal and record as numerical values. Starts automatically at the end of every month, and the person enters self-assessment for each item at the Step of [1. Enter self-evaluation]. The entered numerical value is automatically displayed immediately as a comprehensive evaluation weighted for each evaluation axis. After the boss/executor enters the evaluation, review the feedback.

Boss Evaluation by Ballot

Performs an evaluation for the boss is by anonymous voting. After starting up automatically, assigns the Step of [1. Enter Evaluation on Supervisor] to team members. When the evaluation is entered, automatically adds the evaluation result to the external file for aggregation. Since it deletes the input data from the workflow automatically, the content entered by the evaluator is kept confidential.

Hours-worked Report Flow

Records clock-in and clock-out and calculates hours-worked automatically. Starts automatically at 7 o’clock every morning, and after processing the Step of [1. Attendance report] [2. Leave time report], the hours-worked are automatically calculated then goes to the Step of [3. Hours-worked confirmation]. Even if processing is not completed at each step, it will proceed automatically after a certain period of time has elapsed. If the first Step is not processed by the deadline time, that day is treated as a vacation. In addition, ingenuity to save efforts has been made such as the initial value setting and input support.