Boss Evaluation by Ballot
Evaluates your supervisor using a secret ballot. After starting up automatically, it assigns the [1. Enter Evaluation on Supervisor] Step to each team member. When the evaluation is entered the evaluation result is automatically added to an external file for aggregation. Since it deletes the input data from the workflow automatically, the content entered by the evaluator is kept confidential.
2019 (CC BY-SA 4.0) Questetra, Inc.
(Lock) (Unlock) 1. Enter Evaluation on Supervisor Update
guide = Evaluation =
radio Q1: Confidence in Team leader
radio Q2: Appropriate Leader among the members?
guide = for Auto-steps =
single update-check
radio flag-lock
radio flag-unlock
multiple (Value_Id)
multiple (Display-Label)
radio (Update)


  • Immediately after importing, a setting error will occur
    • Make the necessary settings in edit mode
  • Since this App is designed on the assumption that the team (organization) members will evaluate their boss, it is necessary to set the target Organization in the Swimlane setting (it is assumed that one person to be evaluated)
    • If you want to conduct the leader evaluation in multiple organizations, prepare an App for each Organization
  • Voting results are output to “vote-result.xml” generated in the app sharing add-on
    • “Lock-file.xml” is used as a mechanism to prevent conflict (duplicate) in the update process of “vote-result” due to simultaneous voting


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