Routine Tasks

Circulation Management Process

The process records the results of a circular sent to dozens of target persons.
The number of persons to be circulated to can be varied.
The recipients can be specified in batches by a list of user email addresses or by targeting organisations.

Meeting Report Process

This is the process by which sales representatives record and share the results of meetings with customers.
The sales representative registers the appointment in advance and enters the results after the meeting has taken place.
After inputting the results, the results of the meeting are automatically shared with the relevant parties by email.

Human Multitasking Workflow

Cleaning work and cleaning inspection work are carried out. If there is a work in [2. Clean up] or [3. Inspect room], a person who can deal with it will respond. While “waiting time” was allowed under the division of labor system, productivity improvement is achieved through multifunctionalization of employees.

Personnel Evaluation Process

Conducts performance appraisal and record as numerical values. Starts automatically at the end of every month, and the person enters self-assessment for each item at the Step of [1. Enter self-evaluation]. The entered numerical value is automatically displayed immediately as a comprehensive evaluation weighted for each evaluation axis. After the boss/executor enters the evaluation, review the feedback.

Daily Report Flow

Automatically starts up every morning for reporting daily business. After the Step of [1. Enter report] is handled, the superior confirms the content at the Step of [2. Daily report confirmation]. If there is a comment, it will be sent to the reporter by email, and if the report needs correction of the contents etc., it will be returned to the Step of [1x. Rework]. If the first Step is not handled by the deadline time, it will be automatically terminated as “Unreported”.

Expense Claim Monthly Flow

Expenses paid behalf are claimed collectively by month. Starts automatically in the “Morning of the 1st of every month”, and allocates the Step of [1. Input Expense/ Claim] to all employees. An employee inputs data of expense each time paid on behalf and saves, and claims when all input is completed at the end of the month. After approval by the supervisor and accounting, “Expense reimbursement claim PDF” is automatically generated, to which receipts to be attached to submit.