Human Multitasking Workflow
Cleaning and inspection tasks are carried out. If there is a task in [2. Clean up] or [3. Inspect room], a person who can deal with it will respond. While waiting time was tolerated under the division of labor system, productivity improvement is achieved through multi-functionalization of employees.
BPMN Nodes
  • 1 1. Report checked out The front clerk in charge reports the room that has been checked-out.
  • 3 2. Clean up The cleaning staff cleans the designated room.
  • 6 2x. Rework The cleaning staff takes care of the areas where deficiencies have been pointed out.
  • 4 3. Inspect room The person in charge inspects the room after cleaning. If there are any deficiencies, returns to the cleaning staff.
  • 2 x1. Set Title The system generates a string from the input value of the Data Item and the date and sets it in the Title of the Process.
Workflow Diagram (click to open)
Variables (click to open)
  • = Internal communication = 0:
  • Internal memo q_Memo 1:
  • = Room to be housekept = 2:
  • Storey q_Storey 3:
  • Room no. q_Room 4:
  • Instruction from Front desk q_Instruction 5:




  • You need to associate the Swimlane settings according to your organizational structure upon import

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