Hours-worked Report Flow 2023
Records clock-in and clock-out times and calculates hours worked automatically. It starts automatically at 7 O’clock every morning, and after processing the [1. Attendance report] and [2. Leave time report] Steps, the hours-worked are automatically calculated before moving to the [3. Hours-worked confirmation] Step. Even if processing is not completed at each step it will proceed automatically after a certain period of time has elapsed. If the first Step is not processed by the deadline time that day is treated as a vacation. In addition, the system is designed to reduce the input load by setting initial values and supporting input.
BPMN Nodes
  • 2 1. Attendance report Employee reports the work start time. If not processed within 20 hours, the process will automatically terminate as a “vacation”.
  • 4 2. Leave time report The employee reports the break time and leaving time.
  • 18 2x. Rework The employee corrects the contents and resubmits
  • 17 3. Hours-worked confirmation The employee’s boss confirms the report to approve, or returns if any deficiencies
  • 3 x1. Working status The system overwrites the “Working Status (Select-type)” Data Item to display “Working”
  • 5 x2. Out of work status The system overwrites the “Working Status (Select-type)” Data Item to display “Out of work”
  • 16 x3. Hours-worked calculation The system automatically calculates hours-worked
  • 21 x4. Hours-worked confirmed status The system overwrites the “Working Status (Select-type)” Data Item to display “Hours-worked confirmed”
  • 9 x5. Vacation status The system overwrites the “Working Status (Select-type)” Data Item to display “Vacation”
  • 13 x6. Time clear The system sets the value of the data item to null
Workflow Diagram (click to open)
Variables (click to open)
  • = Worker / Date = 0:
  • Section q_Section 1: processInstanceInitQgroupId
  • Worker q_Worker 2: ${processInstance.initQuserId}
  • Date q_Date 3: processInstanceStartDatetime
  • Working status q_Status 4: Automatically set at x1., x2., x4., x5.
  • = Hours-worked report = 5:
  • Attendance time q_Attendance 6: 9 am has been set by the initial value processInstanceStartDatetime.getFirstTimeInDate().addHours(9)
  • Leaving time q_Leaving 7: processInstanceStartDatetime.getFirstTimeInDate().addHours(17)
  • Break time q_Break 8: 1.0
  • Hours-worked q_Hours 9: Automatically set at x3.
  • = Communication = 10:
  • Internal message q_Message 11:
  • Hours-worked (hh:mm) q_Hours2 12: Automatically set at x3.


This archive contains the BPMN icon, which is only available in the Professional edition.


  • You need to associate the Swimlane settings according to your organizational structure upon import

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