Manga Production Flow
Based on an original scenario, a manga is produced after going through the rough-sketch, draft, and finishing stages. At each stage, the cartoonist creates the deliverables for the requester to review and confirm. The status of production is recorded each time it moves through the Steps. This can also be used for various production flows, not only manga.
2019 (CC BY-SA 4.0) Questetra, Inc.
1. Scenario Registration 2. Previous arrangement and Recording 3. Draft creation 4. Confirm Draft 5. Rough copy Creation 6. Confirm Rough copy 7. Final copy Creation 8. Confirm Final copy St: Abort and Discard St: Abort and Discard St: Abort and Discard St: Completed St: Draft completed St: Draft confirming St: Final copy Confirming St: Previous arrangement Done St: Rough copy Confirming St: Rough copy Finished Status: Before Previous arrangement
guide = Original Scenario =
multiple Scenario
files Scenario Attachment
datetime Desirable Pre-arrangement Date
yyyy-mm-dd Desirable Delivery date
guide = Communication =
multiple Record of Pre-arrangement
radio Status (Auto-recording)
number Cost for Rough copy
number Cost for Final copy
discuss Correspondence
guide = Draft =
files Draft file
multiple Notes for Draft
select (Drafting Personnel)
guide = Rough copy =
files Rough copy File
multiple Notes for Rough copy
select Requestee of Final copy
guide = Final copy =
files Final copy File
multiple Notes for Final copy


Process Modeling Story

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