Release Overview

Date Release

  • SaaS Edition : Mon. Nov. 28th, 2016
  • Download Edition : None

Changes to be Noted

  • [Prior notice] On and after the next version (Ver. 11.3), Questetra will totally not work on Internet Explorer 8 and earlier
    • Versions earlier than Internet Explorer 8 are already unsupported. Please use versions listed on System Requirements
  • In [Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)], HTTP request in ‘application/json’ format (POST / PUT / PATCH) has been abolished
    • Please change the settings using the feature that has been added in Version 10.4, which is capable of sending HTTP request (POST / PUT / PATCH), specifying any part of Content-Type / Body
  • In [Throwing Message intermediate Event (HTTP)], we will change specification that if the value of “Title” is blank, it will exclude from sending parameter
    • Unification with other Process data items
  • Check out also the plans of changes in future versions at [Plans of Future Changes] the bottom of this page.

Details for Version 11.2

Normal User


  • Screen of list of Process Model, e.g. [Start], is displayed with pagination
    • “Workflow > Start”, “Process Model Setting > Process Model List”, “System Setting > Process Authorization Process Model List” are the scope
  • Combobox for selecting Process Model is displayed with pagination
    • Screen for selecting ‘Process Model’, e.g. [Process Model search], are the scope
  • In lists of Process Models, narrowing down by partial match with names is available now
  • In Process search and Task search, “Display items” of search criteria has been added, so that attributes which relate to Processes or Tasks such as “Process Model” or “Start User” become possible to be selected
    • Display setting of attributes is also the target of saving of the search criteria (However, width of columns, etc. in display will not be saved)
    • The feature of saving display items in cookie for each environment will no longer be available
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • All the Process Models may not be displayed in Process Model List such as in [Start]
      • Process Models in the lower part of the list may be missing if there is a description in Summary
    • Label of “Task Name” still remains in CSV Download”
    • [Microsoft Edge] Task Processing Screen cannot be Displayed Properly
      • Has been resolved by Windows Update (KB3197356)
    • Unintended Cookie, that is “ext-pe-allocatedfunction (s, o) {var t”, is generated by My Tasks

Open Chat (Task Feed) / Dashboard / Account Setting

  • Added a display label to default “From mail address” of emails sent by Questetra (SaaS), including Notification email
    • Questetra BPM Suite <>

Process Owner (Workflow Administrator)

  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • Error message of “An Error occurred in the System” is displayed when attempting to [Edit Data] or [Save] on Deleted Process

Workflow Designer

  • Upon executing [Copy] of a Process Model, the setting of [Process Sequence Number] also to be copied
  • Upon exporting and importing a Process Model, the setting of [Process Sequence Number] also to be copied
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • In a screen for configuring Process Diagram, the following error may occur when a [Human Task] in which notification has been set is moved to other[Swimlane]
      • Notification setting of [Human Task] is not saved properly
      • The [Swimlane] of the moving source become undeletable

Debug Process Execution

  • Screen in during response waiting after executing [Start Process] to be locked
  • Changed a Debug executed Process to be the target of [Process search], etc. even if the Process Model is not released
    • Target Process Model to be displayed in the list of Search criteria of ‘Process Model’

Select type Data Item

  • Nested query with other Select type Data Item is available now, if the child is ‘Checkbox’
    • Not available if Checkbox is Parent
  • Changed that prior match to be listed in the Choice list when the same Choice ID (value) has been given to multiple Choices in Choices XML
    • In principle, multiple existence of the same value is not allowed
    • Conventionally, last match was selected
  • Added an Input-check concerning URL to Choice setting screen
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • Old Choices may Appear even though Updating/Deleting “Choices Master”

Table type Data item

  • Added “Date type” to Data types that are able to specify in Table column
  • Numerical calculation in the same row, “Addition and multiplication of two columns” and “Addition and multiplication of one column and fixed value” are available now
    • In addition to “Item x Item” of heretofore, “Item x Constant”, “Item + Item”, “Item x Constant” are available
    • Negative number can also be set to a Constant Rounded down to significant digits

Service Task (Data assignment)

  • A single Step has become able to update values of multiple Data Items
    • Multiple computing are performed concurrently
    • If an error occurs in one of the computing, all of the value is not updated

Throwing Message Intermediate Event (Email)

  • Email address specification in To/Cc/Bcc/From in “name-addr” format is available now
    • Regarding “name”, it is not necessary to MIME encoding
  • Process Start User / Organization, Data of items of User type, Organization type, Select type to be embedded on To/Cc/Bcc/From in the format of “name-addr”, now

Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)

  • ‘application/json’ format (POST / PUT / PATCH) has been abolished
    • Unmodified configuration after version 11.2 release will be handled as transmission in ‘POST multipart/form-data’
  • Added ‘Dropbox-API-Arg’ to the permission list of Custom HTTP header
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • When a value in a Title is blank, there are cases that a specified send parameter be transmitted or not
      • Corrected not to transmit send parameter

Catching Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)

  • URL to inclue processModelInfoId parameter
    • Even though conventional format (do not contain processModelInfoId) is available, format that contains ProcessModelInfoId is recommended
    • Error occurs if processModelInfoId and processInstanceId are in an inconsistent
  • Error notification emails of [Catching Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)] and [Message Start Intermediate Event (HTTP)] contain information that concerning the Event, likewise error notifications of other Events

Script Task / Service Task

  • [Script Task] become able to update (save) File type Data Items
  • Changed the indicatin of [Service Task (Add-on)] in the pallet on Process Diagram setting screen
    • In the list of [Task] icons, appears in the second line
    • Small icon at right bottom of Step icon is also to be indicated
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • NullPointerException may occur by executing getCharset() in response object of HTTP communication
      • It occurs in a case when there is a Content-Type header, but ‘charaset’ is not specified in it
    • System error may occur upon registering / deleting a definition file for Service Task
    • Right bottom icon is not indicated when the name of a definition file contains space, etc.
    • Definition file name is displayed as URL encoded when the name is in Japanese

System Administrator

  • none

System Engineer

OAuth2 (External application accessing Questetra APIs)

  • In permission setting screen, Client name is indicated instead of Client ID
  • In setting of OAuth2 client, ‘Redirect URL’ becomes mandatory
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • 500 error occurs when specifying a non-existing ‘client_id’ in access to token endpoint
    • In listing of OAuth2 clients, displaying order of clients in the same name is not constant
    • In displaying OAuth2 clients details, display order of redirect URL is not proper


  • Added an API of ‘Retrieving a list of startable Process Models (/API/PE/ProcessModel/listStartable)’
    • ‘Retrieving a List of first Tasks (/API/PE/ProcessModel/list)’ is deprecated
  • Enhanced the validation on search criteria concerning Process data Items in Process / Task query API
    • E.g. 400 error occurs when data-definition-number does not exist
  • In ‘Retrieving Cached Choices information (/API/Admin/ItemCache/list)’, response does not include Choices
  • Added an API of ‘Reviewing Cached Choices information (/API/Admin/ItemCache/view)’ (Maximum retrieving Choices: 100)
  • When ‘Title’ of Process is blank, internal data is unified to ‘null’
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • In Process / Task query API, 500 error occurs when searching by specifying unreleased Process Model
    • For API Responses in [Download Edition], 404 error may be returned, instead of 401 or 403 which should have been returned

Application / Use Environment / System Platform

  • Upgraded PostgreSQL to 9.5 from 9.2
  • Upgraded jQuery to 1.12.4 from 1.11.3
  • Upgraded jQuery UI to 1.12.1 from 1.11.4


Plans of Future Changes

We are planning to alter the following specifications and system platform in the future versions.

Due Version.11.3

  • Will delete the following deprecated APIs in “Membership Setting API”
    • /API/UGA/Membership/listByQgroup (Retrieving all Members of an Organization)
    • /API/UGA/Membership/listByQuser (Retrieving all Organizations for a User)
    • Respectively, please use ‘/API/User/Membership/listByQgroup’, ‘/API/User/Membership/listByQuser’ which have been added since version 10.1
    • These are postponed to version 11.3, though they were scheduled to be deleted at version 11.2
  • In Internet Explorer 8 and earlier, you will not be able to use Questetra (will not work)
    • Versions earlier than Internet Explorer 8 are already unsupported. Please use versions listed on System Requirements

Version to be scheduled

  • Accessing to Developer APIs in OAuth 1.0 will be abolished
    • Please change to connection using OAuth 2.0, which is available since version 11.1


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