Release Overview

Date Release

Changes to be Noted

  • Parameter of “option” is obsolete in API for “Querying for Task records operated by the User”
  • Change the naming of “Process Model” to “Application”. We will also change related terms.
  • Check out also the plans of changes in future versions at [Plans of Future Changes] the bottom of this page.

Details for Version 11.3

Changes of Functions for Normal User


  • Improved listing screen of [My Tasks] and [Offered] for Smartphone
    • Designed interface to be responsive to various use environment
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • On screen for Smartphones, HTML escape is not done on [Open Chat] and Organization/ User type Data Items on Task Operating screen
    • In the In-system notification feature, a notification is not marked as read even if the process details screen is displayed after another user has undertaken the Task

Task Opeeration / Process detail

  • Responding for commonality with Smartphone screen, such as displaying “Current Step” on Process details screen
  • Changed the screens of Task Operating / Process detail for Smartphones
    • Changed to design based on screen for PC so that to be responsive to various use environment
    • Supporting to displaying Table type data item and calculation of Numeric type data (on screen)
    • In the Task Operating screen for PC, the confirmation dialog at the completion of processing is changed to that of the browser standard
  • Corresponds so that thumbnail images of File type data item are displayed even in 4 column setting
  • With the Select type data item (radio button / check box), the arrangement method of restricting the number of lines in the vertical direction on the display of options is abolished
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • Javascript error occurs on decimal point input in Numeric type data within Table type data item
    • On the screen for printing, the display of the Detail part on Process details is larger than the assumed width


Open Chat / Dashboard / Account setting

  • Added a link to “Questetra My Tasks” (Google Chrome extension) in [Account setting]
  • In [Account setting], Enabled the setting of initial value of page size
    • Screens displaying graphs / Screens for smartphones are excluded
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • When “English” is selected in language setting, some notations are displayed in “Spanish”

Changes of Functions for Process Owner (Workflow Administrator)

  • Sharing options can be specified by only users who have [Process Administrator authority] when saving Search condition / Aggregation graph

Changes of Functions for Workflow Designer

  • Changed the naming of [Process Model] to “Apps”
    • [Process Model -> App / Application]
    • [Process Data -> Data]
    • [Process Data Definition Number -> Data Item Number]
    • [Process Archive -> Archive / (App Archive)]
    • [Process Model File -> Add-on]


  • An option of “Do not include data value” in the email notification is now subject to “Import / Export archive” and “Copy”
  • Search condition / Aggregation graph is now subject of “Import / export archive” and “Copy”
    • Search criteria / Aggregation graph which have been shared are the target

Numeric type data

  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • In the initial value of the Numeric data item,a value that exceeds the limit of the database can be entered, and if you start the Process in that state, a database error will occur
    • When setting the maximum value of the Numeric type data item, two same error messages are displayed if there is an error in the format

Operator setting

  • When designating “Organization” in Operator settings, in addition to “Leader or Staff” and “Leader”, only “Staff” can be designated

Message Start Event (Form)

  • “Message Start Event (Form)” can be used from Smartphones
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • [IE 9/11, Edge] When File type data items are displayed in 4 columns in “Message Start Event (Form)”, the reference button for specifying the file can not be seen

Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)

  • Process Model variables are available for user name / password of Basic authentication, and OAuth 2.0 setting name
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • Process model variable can not be used for specifying filename when saving response in File type data item

Service Task (Google Drive)

  • Change the notation of “Google Apps” to “G Suite”

Script Task / Service Task (Add-on)

Changes of Functions for System Administrator

  • Improved the error notification emails
    • When there is no user with appropriate authority for an error notification email from the Process, it is notified to the user with [System administrator authority], indicating that reason in the mail body
  • Enabled to change page size in User list / Organization list / Role list
  • Enabled to change page size in in System log / Process log
  • You can see which application (Process Model) is using “Application sharing add-on (Shared file)” such as “Options master (XML)”

Changes of Functions for System Engineer

  • Include the user ID (X-QuserID) in the header of the HTTP response
  • Reviewed the internal processing of the API of “Assigning a Leader to an Organization (/API/UGA/Membership/update)” for speeding up
  • Parameter of “option” is obsolete in API for “Querying for Task records operated by the User”

Non-functional Changes and Changes of External tool Functions

  • [Download Edition] Old application log files to be compressed as gzip automatically


Plans of Future Changes

We are planning to alter the following specifications and system platform in the future versions.

Due Version.11.4

  • We will make the following changes as part of CSRF measures (security enhancement)
    • Abolished permalink of Process Start (/ PE / ProcessModel / listView? ProcessModelInfoId = XXX & nodeNumber = XXX)
    • Access by GET will be prohibited with respect to APIs of “Submitting the Task output (/API/PE/Workitem/Form/save)” and “Creating a Process Instance (/API/PE/ProcessInstance/start)”
  • We will delete the following deprecated APIs in “Membership Setting API”
    • /API/UGA/Membership/listByQgroup (Retrieving all Members of an Organization)
    • /API/UGA/Membership/listByQuser (Retrieving all Organizations for a User)
    • Respectively, please use ‘/API/User/Membership/listByQgroup’, ‘/API/User/Membership/listByQuser’ which have been added since version 10.1
    • These are postponed to version 11.4, though they were scheduled to be deleted at version 11.2

Version to be scheduled

  • In Internet Explorer 8 and earlier, you will not be able to use Questetra (will not work)
    • Versions earlier than Internet Explorer 8 are already unsupported. Please use versions listed on System Requirements
    • This is postponed, though they were scheduled to be deleted at version 11.3
  • Accessing to Developer APIs in OAuth 1.0 will be abolished
    • Please change to connection using OAuth 2.0, which is available since version 11.1
  • In APIs of “Querying for all Process Instances records” and “Querying for Task records operated by the User”, it will be changed to explicitly designate as display items to include process data items as search results
    • Currently, Process Data Items specified as search criteria are automatically included in search results
    • After the specification change, only the Process Data Items which <view /> element is specified will be included in the search results


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