Release Overview

Date Release

Changes to be Noted

  • The Flash version of the App editing function has been discontinued and will be fully migrated to the HTML5 version
  • URLs in the request parameter format have been abolished for the Message Start Event (HTTP / Form) and Catching Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)
  • ★ In Message Start Event (Form), the request parameter format URL will be redirected to the path parameter format URL
  • In the API that acquires process search results in CSV format (/API/OR/ProcessInstance/listCsv), “the name of the node where the token is located” is added to the output items
  • Check out the plans for changes in future versions [Plans of Future Changes] at the bottom of this page.

Details for Version 12.0

Changes of Functions for All Users


  • When a Task/ Operator of a Team Task is specified in Task Search, it can be searched according to the Task status of the specified User
    • For a Team Task where the entire Task is “under processing” but some Users have completed, search results will differ depending on the User who has been designated as Operator
  • When downloading Process Search results the current location of the token (the node where the token is) is included in the output
  • In the Workflow diagram a name label is now also displayed on the right edge of the Swimlane
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • Input error message for Table-type Data Item may not be appropriate (English only)
      • In cases where the result of a numerical operation in the row/column exceeds the system limit

Account Settings

  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • When importing User icons from Google, a system error will occur if there is no change in the icon

Changes of Functions for Workflow Designer

  • Flash version App editing feature is discontinued
  • For the Message Start Event (HTTP / Form) and Catching Message Intermediate Event (HTTP), the following form of URL which includes processModelInfoId/nodeNumber and key (Form only) in the request parameter is discontinued
    • Abolished format
      • /System/Event/MessageStart/start?processModelInfoId=123&nodeNumber=0
      • /System/Event/IntermediateMessage/receive?processModelInfoId=123&nodeNumber=4
    • New recommended format (Ver. 11.4 or later)
      • /System/Event/MessageStart/123/0/start
      • /System/Event/IntermediateMessage/123/4/receive
    • For users (Business Plans) whose API request has been detected in the deprecated format, we have been sending individual support guidance
  • In Message Start Event (Form), URL in the format that includes processModelInfoId/nodeNumber/key in the request parameter will be redirected to the path parameter format URL
    • Redirected from
      • /System/Event/MessageStartForm/view?processModelInfoId=123&nodeNumber=1&key=XXXYYYZZZ
    • Redirected to
      • /System/Event/MessageStartForm/123/1/XXXYYYZZZ/view
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • There may be cases where a Workflow App has not been duplicated
    • ★ When selecting a Data Item or a node on the setting screen, the display of the dropdown list becomes narrow if the item name of the candidate was blank or half-width space

Importing Archive

  • App archive (.qar files) exported with versions earlier than Version 11.3 will not be imported
  • [Other than SaaS] Cannot import App archives exported in future versions

App Version

  • When editing a developing version, it is automatically saved (snapshot is taken)
    • The snapshot is indicated in the version list on the App Details screen
    • As with the latest version you can revert to the settings in the snapshot version
    • You cannot take snapshot manually
  • When you [Release] the developing version, it is now possible to check if the settings have been changed by simultaneous editing
  • Changed the display and buttons on the version list on the App Details screen
    • Last Edit Time/Release Time and the User are displayed in one row
    • Manipulation buttons (revert to same contents/Export archive/Copy as new/Debug execution) are displayed for each version in the list
    • When the detail button is clicked, the App setting screen will be displayed in a new window
  • When editing a developing version it is possible to edit the version memo
    • Previously you could leave a memo only at the time of release but now you can edit it during development
    • Contents of the memo are finalized upon Releasing

App settings Validation

  • Improved validation (content validity check) to improve the operational performance of App editing
  • When reverting the App settings to the Latest version/snapshot version, the Last edit time/User is cleared

Workflow Diagram

  • The following standard items have been added
    • Converter (Text File to String type data)
    • A Service Task for sending a request to a Message Start Event (HTTP) on the same Workflow platform
      • When a Workflow App including a Message Start Event (HTTP) is released, another new Service Task is automatically added to the palette
      • It can be used simply by specifying the value of the data to be sent, without specifying the access URL or parameter name
  • Corresponds for duplicating modeling elements (nodes)
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • Flow coordinate calculation may fail and the workflow diagram may not be displayed

Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)

  • When specifying File-type Data Items in a request body, it is now possible to specify its Content-Type
  • When the event is executed, if the file that is sent fails to be read, the event is treated as a failure

Script Task

  • The ability to get QuserView object of the Process Start User is now available
    • Added getProcessInstanceInitQuser () to com.questetra.bpms.core.event.scripttask.ProcessInstanceView
  • Conversion of inputs in Table-type Data Item to XML string is now available
    • Added toXmlString() to com.questetra.bpms.core.model.formdata.ListArray
  • Mitigated the restrictions on Authorization Bearer headers
    • Eliminated the limitation of header length (same as Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP))
    • The length of the refresh token for OAuth2 settings that can be saved has been increased (up to 3000)



  • When inserting reference (EL expression input helper) to the Deadline setting ina Receive Task (form), etc. options such as “after a day of process start time” are added

Service Task (Add-on)

  • Service Task definition XML can now directly get setting items objects
    • Regarding the setting item of form-type = “QUSER”, get QuserView object
    • Regarding the setting item of form-type = “SELECT”, get ProcessDataDefinitionView object
  • Added a method that takes ProcessDataDefinitionView as an argument when acquiring/updating Data Items
  • In the settings item of form-type=”SELECT” can now define a field that can either select a Data Item or input to a text field
    • Specify editable=”true”
    • Return value of configs.getObject(“conf_select”) is;
      • If a Data Item is selected: ProcessDataDefinitionView
      • If typing in a text field: null
        • configs.get(“conf_select”) will return the strings entered in the text field
const quser = configs.getObject("conf_quser");

// const quserId = Number(configs.get("conf_quser"));
// const quser = quserDao.findById(quserId);

const def = configs.getObject("conf_select");

// const defNum = configs.get("conf_select");
// const def = engine.findDataDefinitionByNumber(defNum);

const value = engine.findData(def);
engine.setData(def, value);

Data Item

  • “Field name” now can be used in the arithmetic expression settings of a Numeric-type Data Item
  • When inserting a reference (EL input helper) in an arithmetic expression in a Numeric-type Data Item, you can now select a Numeric-type Data Item
  • Improved the EL input helper (insert reference …) in Data Item settings
  • You can now change Editing Permission on the Workflow diagram on each Data Item on the list
  • A processing completion message is now displayed after changing settings
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • When trying to specify a “Dependent Parent” Data Item in a Select-type Data Item settings, the Data Item itself can be selected
    • When inserting a reference (EL input helper) in the Initial value settings of “Title”, “Title” is included in the options

Changes of Functions for System Administrator

  • Added a link to the help page in each menu
  • ★ In the App Shared Add-on, changed the button layout to line up horizontally

Changes of Functions for System Engineer

  • In the API (/API/OR/ProcessInstance/listCsv) that acquires Process Search results in a CSV format, added the name of the node where the token is located to the output item
    • It is now possible to implement automated processing according to the token location
    • When performing data processing that depends on the column order of the data (CSV) acquired by API, change may be required
  • Improved error messages in Task Processing APIs
    • Error message when sending an API request by specifying qgroupId when the position is fixed
  • ★ In Task search API, added Read/Unread flag to Workitem object in the response

Non-functional Changes and Changes of External tool Functions

  • Upgraded jQuery from 3.3.1 to 3.4.1

Plans of Future Changes

We are planning to alter the following specifications and system platform in future versions.

Schedule for July 2020

  • For the APIs of “Querying for all Process Instances records” and “Querying for Task records operated by the User”, will be changed to explicitly specify to include Data Items as display items in search results
    • Currently, Data Items specified as search conditions are automatically included in search results
    • After the specification change, only Data Items with the specified element will be included in the search results

Schedule for January 2021

  • In the Script Task” and “Service task (Add-on), the data retrieving/updating method of the following format will be discontinued
    • Retrieving:data.get(“1”), Updating:retVal.put(“1”, “foobar”)
    • Please change to the new format (Ver. 11.4 or later) such as engine.findDataByNumber(1), engine.setDataByNumber(1, “foobar”) (M230)

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