Service Task (Start Child Process)

An automatic step that sends an HTTP request to Message Start Event (HTTP) on the same workflow platform. You can easily establish an inter-app connection simply by setting the send data. In addition, it is capable of waiting for the Child Process launched by HTTP requests to complete and retrieve data from it. When a workflow App including Message Start Event (HTTP) is released, the corresponding Service Task is automatically generated.

Configs: Common
  • Step Name
  • Note
  • bug_report Debug only this node
  • Move tokens to error boundary events when processing failures occur
Configs: Values to be passed to the Child process
  • Specify data to be sent to the item set in the receiving event
    • Data Items set to [Editable] in the receiver’s start event settings
    • Title/String-type Data Items are specified by entering text or using EL expressions.
    • For Data Items other than String-type, select and specify Data Items of the same type as the receiving side.
Configs: Values received from the Child process
  • P1: Data Item to store the ID of the initiated process
    • (String-type single line Data Item)
  • P2: Wait for Started Child Process to finish
    • Specify the Data Item that stores the value of the item allowed in the [Data Visibility from Parent Process] of the Receiving Event.
    • Select and specify Data Items of the same type as the receiving side



  • A [Service Task (Start Child Process)] is automatically generated for each [Message Start Event (HTTP)] in a [Released] App
  • If a [Message Start Event (HTTP)] on the receiving side is deleted then the corresponding [Service Task (Start Child Process)] will also be removed automatically
  • The name of the [Service Task (Start Child Process)] is the App ID App Name Node Number : Step Name
  • The app designer specifies the Data Items and values to be sent to the Child Process on the [Values to Pass to Child process] tab in the [Service Task (Start Child Process)] settings on the sending side
    • Only Data Items that are editable at the [Message Start Event (HTTP)] on the receiving side are subject to configuration on the sending side
    • For Title and String-type single line Data Items on the sending side, EL expressions are acceptable
    • If the outgoing HTTP request data does not meet the Data Item constraints, such as required settings and minimum/maximum character length, the Process will not start
      • You can avoid unnecessary errors by setting the Data Item to be sent to the same as the Data Item on the receiving side
  • If you turn on the [P2: Wait for Started Child Process to finish] option on the [Values to receive from Child process] tab, processing will stay until the started child process finishes.
    • When the termination of the child process is detected, it accesses the child process, acquires data, and saves it in the specified Data Item
    • Only the data permitted by [Data Visibility from Parent Process] in the [Message Start Event (HTTP)] property of the child process app can be acquired
  • When [Service Task (Start Child Process)] is executed in a debug Process, the started child Process will also be a debug Process
    • (“Questetra-Debug: true” header is added to outgoing requests)
  • There is a possibility that Process not to be started automatically due to the limit on the number of startups on the entire Workflow platform
  • Errors may occur due to HTTP communication limitations when starting a Child Process or retrieving data from a Child Process

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