Message Start Event (HTTP)

Issues a URL that awaits an HTTP request. Starts a new Process automatically when an HTTP request is received. Capable of inserting values accepted as receive parameters to Business Data.

Configs: Common
  • Step Name
  • Note
Configs: Editing permission
  • Data Items
    • Editing permission
      • (Ediatble)
      • (No display)
Configs: API key
  • API key



  • You can check the URL / Parameter Details in the other page after clicking the button in the property screen
  • The value of API key (key) can be set arbitrarily with halfwidth alphanumeric characters, at most 100 in length
    • Even though it is possible to leave the API key blank, please set the API key to tighten the security
  • It may not be started automatically due to the limit of number of startups of the entire Workflow platform
  • Communication from the external network is not permitted by default of the Workflow platform
  • To allow communication from the external network, change the setting in [IP Address Filtering] < [System Settings] (M312: System Administrator Authority Required)
  • It is possible to set an IP address filter by each trigger URL

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