Data Item: Title-Type

Displays a text field for entering a string and stores the entered string as the subject of the process.

Configs: Common
  • Description
    • Correct Errors and Format
  • Columns
    • 1
    • 2
    • 4
Configs: Title (Title-Type)
  • Initial value
    • Manually input string
    • Insert expression…
      • Title
      • Process ID
      • Process Start User
      • Process Start Organization
      • Process Start Time
      • Process Sequence
      • App ID
      • App Name


Settings Screen

Input Screen


  • To input / edit data items, the editing authority in the task must be set to “Editable”
  • This is a pre-defined data item common to all apps
  • It is the only Data Item that cannot be deleted or where the Item Name cannot be changed
  • Although it is not a “required” item, it is the only Data Item that can be displayed in the [My Tasks] list or subject for all Processes searches, so please make good use of it
  • Using the “Questetra Form JavaScript API“, you can also get/assign input field values and register event handlers

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