Agreement Conclusion Flow
Manages the process beginning from registration of a draft contract to signing and mailing it. Once a draft contract is registered, it is approved by the supervisor and legal affairs before proceeding to the [4. Get the consent] Step. Upon obtaining consent, after confirmation by the supervisor, it proceeds to the [6. Signature and Post] Step where the contract is mailed. Depending on the situation, such as a boiler-plate contract, it is possible to skip the approval of supervisors and legal affairs.
2019 (CC BY-SA 4.0) Questetra, Inc.
1. Register Contract Draft 1x. Response to Instruction by Boss 1x. Response to Instruction by the Legal 2. Approve Draft of Contract 3. Approve Draft of Contract 4. Get the Consent 5. Verification 6. Signature and Post
guide = Contractor info =
single Company Name
multiple Personnel Name and Belonging
multiple Zip + Address
single Phone Number
single Email Address
select Company Scale
select Industry
guide = Contract info =
select Create Contract Draft
select Type of Contract
radio Supervisor approval
radio Legal approval
multiple Overview of the Contract
files Files
guide = Correspondence =
discuss Comments


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