Exclusive Gateway (XOR)

Advances the token to the first of multiple paths that satisfies the conditional expression.

Configs: Common
  • Step Name
  • Note
  • (Condition configuration)
    • (move)
    • (Conditional Expression Setting)
    • (remove)
    • (specified Name)
    • (specified Desitination Node)
    • (specified Transition condition)
  • (add condition configuration)
Configs: Conditional Expression Setting
  • Name
  • Destination Node
  • (transition condition)
    • Always move to Destination
    • Move if conditions are met
      • (Data Items)
      • (expression)
        • has been entered
        • has not been entered
        • (Others/depending on the Data-type)
      • (depending on the Data-type)
        • Fixed Value
        • (Data Items/Choice ID)
      • (add conditional expression)
    • Move if conditional expression evaluates to true
      • (add conditional expression)



  • The conditional expression is evaluated in the order of the list, and proceeds only to the transition destination that is first determined to be true
  • If none of the conditional expressions are true, it will proceed to the [Default flow]
  • Each row can contain multiple conditional expressions
    • Token moves to the specified destination only if all the conditions are satisfied
    • You can configure AND conditions using this
  • You can specify the same destination to different rows of condition
    • Token moves to the specified destination if either of the conditions are satisfied
    • You can configure OR conditions using this
  • To unify the split paths back into a single path, place a Merge Gateway (XOR)
  • Spring Expression Language (SpEL) can be specified in the Split Condition settings
    • This is an advanced feature for engineers
    • E.g. #q_string?.startsWith(‘[test]’), or #q_datetime < #now.addDays(-1)
    • When processInstanceDebug == true is specified, the transition will occur only during debug execution

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