Postal Matter Sending Process

Postal Matter Sending Process
Accepts internal postal matter requests and assists for sending. Generates “Cover sheet PDF” automatically based on the information entered in the Step of [1. Addressee Info + Sending Materials]. General Affair staff prints out the cover sheet and encloses it and sends. After completing sending, a notification email will be sent to the requester. Capable of accepting requests also from other Processes.
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1. Addressee Info + Sending Materials 2a. Print-out (Signature) & Post 2b. Print-out (Signature) & Post Cover Sheet PDF generation Cover Sheet PDF generation
single File Name of Cover Sheet
files Cover Sheet File
select Sending Requested by (Notification to)
multiple Notes
guide = Cover Sheet – Addressee =
multiple Zip Code, Address
single Company Name
multiple Affiliation, Name
guide = Cover Sheet – Sender =
multiple Sender Info
guide = Cover Sheet – Header =
single Send Date
multiple Title
guide = Cover Sheet – body =
multiple Body
guide = Postage Style =
radio Envelope Size
radio Postage Options
guide = Materials =
files File Print
check Including Signature mandatory
check Material other than File Print
discuss Instructions


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