Design Request Handling (Outsource option)
Manages the graphic design Process, from accepting designing requests to production and delivering the final product. At the [2. Designate] Step, whether to assign the Task to a person in the team or to outsource the production is determined. The person in charge of design performs the design work at the [3. Create] Step, but it can also be outsourced when it is not possible to deliver it internally. Whether done in-house or externally, the final product will be delivered after a review.
BPMN Nodes
  • 1 1. Request designing The requester enters the details of the desired design and requests the production.
  • 5 1x. Rework The requester answers questions from the design team.
  • 4 2. Designate The person in charge of the design team appoints the person in charge of production. Returns it to the requester If there are any deficiencies or doubts in the request.
  • 6 3. Create The nominated person will produce the requested design and writes an explanation and reflection respectively on the product. Also able to ask for other’s opinions on reflection.
  • 8 3b. Review Review underwriter enters his thoughts and comments on the reflections.
  • 10 3x. Outsource The nominated person outsources the production.
  • 7 4. Check The person in charge checks the product and returns it to rework until satisfied. When completed, it is delivered to the requester with a description.
  • 11 4x. Check The person in charge checks the product and returns it to rework until satisfied. When completed, it is delivered to the requester with a description.
  • 19 5. Confirm The requester confirms the designed deliverable.
  • 16 x1. Design report The system generates a report inserting data such as the creator, the recipient, and the amount.
Workflow Diagram (click to open)
Variables (click to open)
  • = Requester Info = 0:
  • Requester q_Requester 1*: ${processInstance.initQuserId}
  • URL of Catching Event q_URL 2*:
  • Process ID q_Process 3*:
  • Catching Event Key q_Key 4*:
  • = Contents of request = 5:
  • Work type q_Type 6:
  • Budget q_Budget 7:
  • Desired due date q_Due 8*:
  • File format q_Format 9:
  • Purpose of request q_Purpose 10*:
  • Details of requirement q_Details 11:
  • Related files q_Related 12:
  • = Communication = 13:
  • Internal memo q_Memo 14:
  • = Deliberable = 20:
  • Recipient q_Receptant 21*:
  • Contract amount q_Contract 22*:
  • Deliverable text q_Text 23*:
  • Deliverable file q_deliverableFile 24*:
  • Design report q_reportText 27: Automatically set at x1.
  • = Designer or Outsourcer = 15:
  • Designer or Outsourcer q_Designer 16*:
  • Outsourcee q_Outsourcee 30:
  • Deliverable text draft q_Text_Draft 17:
  • Deliverable file draft q_File_Draft 18:
  • Reluctance or apprehension about the design q_Reluctance 19:
  • How do you think regarding Reluctance or apprehension about the design above q_Review 25:
  • Review comment q_Comment 26:



Only available for Professional edition.


  • You need to associate the Swimlane settings according to your organizational structure upon import

Arrangement Tips

  • The following App is available, which is a mechanism to call this App and start it automatically
    • Design Request
    • By using the above App, you can build a mechanism to call design requests in the middle of work in various departments in the company
    • Please use it as a reference when constructing work that is separated from the organizational structure, not limited to design production

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