Expense Record Flow
Reports and records expenses after correction and approval. The Process is automatically started at the beginning of every month for all employees. The employee holds the [1. Report] Task until the closing date and inputs the expenses and reimbursements during that term. At the [3. Confirmation/Adjustment] Step the accounting staff make corrections such as “Payment by corporate card”, and then it is automatically recorded in a Google Sheet.
2019 (CC BY-SA 4.0) Questetra, Inc.
1. Report 1x. Rework 1y. Rework 2. Approval 3. Confirmation / Adjustment Applicant’s Emai address Applicant’s Email address insertion Duplicate Table Google Sheets insertion Table to TSV
guide = Out-of-pocket cost =
select Applicant
datetime (Application time)
guide = Expense Data (Reporting information) =
table Expense detail
number Accounting Expenses Amount
number Amount of Out-of-pocket costs
guide = Expense Data (Supplement by accounting) =
table Expense detail 2
number Accounting Expenses Amount 2
number Amount of Out-of-pocket costs 2
guide = Pointers and comments =
discuss Internal communication
guide = Approver, etc. =
select Approval by Superior
datetime Approval time
select Approval by Accounting
datetime Approval time
guide = Google Sheets output (appending) =
single Applicant’s Email address
multiple TSV Data
single Spreadsheet ID
single Sheet Name
multiple (Access Log)



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