Graphic Design Request Flow
Manages from accepting designing requests to producing deliverables and delivering. At the Step of [2. Designate], whether to assign a person in charge in the team or to outsource the production is determined. The person in charge of design performs designing work at the Step of [3. Create], but it is also possible to outsource it when it is not possible to respond. Whether production of in-team or external, the deliverables will be delivered after checked.
2019 (CC BY-SA 4.0) Questetra, Inc.
1. Request designing 1x. Rework 2. Designate 3. Create 3b. Review 3x. Outsource 4. Check 4x. Check Design report
guide = Requester Info =
select Requester
single URL of Catching Event
single Process ID
single Catching Event Key
guide = Contents of request =
select Work type
select Budget
yyyy-mm-dd Desired due date
single File format
multiple Purpose of request
multiple Detailes of requirement
files Related files
guide = Communication =
discuss Internal memo
guide = Designer =
select Receptant
number Contract amount
multiple Deliverable text
files Deliverable file
radio Review choice
multiple Review comment
guide = Designer or Outsourcer =
select Designer or Outsourcer
single Outsourcee
multiple Deliverable text draft
files Deliverable file draft
multiple Reluctance or apprehension about the design
multiple Design report


Process Modeling Story

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