Meeting Report Process 20230915
This is the process by which sales representatives record and share the results of meetings with customers. The sales representative registers the appointment in advance and enters the results after the meeting has taken place. After inputting the results, the results of the meeting are automatically shared with the relevant parties by email.
Worker (#of Swimlane: 2)
  • Sales Representative (confirmed)
    • The member of the sales department who will be making the report (specified in the process data item and whose identity has been determined).
  • Sales Representative
    • Members of the sales department reporting back.
Business Flow (Complexity of Workflow: 9)
  • 11. Schedule entry
    • Members of the sales department enter meeting schedules.
  • 522′. Result input
    • Members of the sales department enter the results of the meeting (skipping the scheduled entry).
  • 32. Result input
    • Members of the sales department enter the results of the meeting.
Business Process Variables (#of Data Item: 21)
  • Sales Representative q_user 6*
    • ${processInstance.initQuserId}
  • Lead Type q_leadKind 12
    • Stores the type of meeting partner (customer/lead).
  • Name of customer representative q_name 1*
    • Stores the name of the contact person of the meeting partner (customer/lead).
  • Customer Organization Name q_organization 2*
    • Stores the organisation name of the meeting partner (customer/lead).
  • Email Address q_email 0
    • Stores the email address of the person in charge of the meeting partner (customer/lead).
  • Telephone Number q_tel 3
    • Stores the telephone number of the person in charge of the meeting partner (customer/lead).
  • Customer Location q_location 5*
    • Stores the location of the person in charge of the meeting partner (customer/lead).
  • Customer Size q_scale 39
    • Stores the organisational size of the meeting partner (customer/lead).
  • Initial Type of Case q_isFirst 40*
    • Stores whether this is the first meeting as a case with the meeting partner (customer/lead).
  • Meeting Place q_meetingKind 38*
    • Stores the manner in which the meeting was conducted.
  • Scheduled Meeting Date q_date 9
  • Date of Meeting q_dateResult 11 *
  • Meeting Purpose q_purpose 37*
    • Stores the purpose of the meeting (selected from the options).
  • Meeting Time q_time 41*
    • Stores the time taken for the meeting.
    • 60
  • Meeting Purpose Details q_purposeDetail 20*
    • Stores meeting purpose details (text).
  • Meeting Details/Report q_report 21*
    • Stores meeting results (text).
    • Things to check: Issues Targeted activities Scale Schedule Department in charge Correlative description of the parties involved Competing products
  • Future Actions q_nextAction 22*
    • Stores actions/schedules (text) after the meeting.
  • Attached File q_file 23
    • Stores documents prepared for this meeting or received from the meeting partner (customer/lead).
  • Delivered Materials q_document 25
    • Stores material presented to the meeting partner (customer/lead).
  • Materials handed over and other details q_documentOther 26
  • Supplementary Information, Notes, etc. q_memo 27

Field Name, num, Initial Value


This archive can be imported as a Workflow App on BPMS.

Arrangement Tips

  • It can be improved so that the information is not shared via email, but posted to Questetra’s internal SNS function Open Chat or external chat services such as Slack. It can also be improved so that it is linked to calendar appointments using Start: Google Calendar: Event Started. (However, Advanced edition or higher is required for this feature)


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