Project Report Request Process 20220901
This workflow instructs the sales representative to report on high-profile deals, automatically creating a weekly list of deals from Salesforce, narrowed down by expected completion date, accuracy, etc. Automatic reporting instructions are given to the sales representative for each item on the list.
Workers (Number of swimlanes: 2)
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Representative
Workflow (Complexity of workflow diagram: 23)
  • 31-0. Manual Start
    • The sales manager enters the filter conditions for Salesforce business meeting information. The filter conditions are [Specify the date of completion of the focused business meeting] and [Specify the certainty level].
  • 61-2. Select Meetings Requiring Reports
    • The sales manager indicates whether the business meeting needs to be reported or not. (List of noteworthy business meetings, reporting instructions column) Reporting instructions, not stated are treated as unnecessary.
  • 92-1. Activity Report
    • The sales representative will provide comments on the activities of the target project and other information.
  • 102-2. Report Confirmation
    • The sales manager notes the points made in response to the sales representative’s comments.
  • 0x1-1. Extraction of Business Meetings Requiring Attention
    • The workflow platform extracts records from Salesforce business meeting objects using filter conditions. It extracts negotiation records with a scheduled completion date later than the specified completion date and a certainty level higher than the specified certainty level.
  • 12x1-2. Featured Project List Converted to TSV
    • The workflow platform converts and stores the list of noteworthy cases (table type) into a TSV list.
  • 27x1-3. Reported Cases Extracted
    • The workflow platform extracts and stores only the rows in the TSV list that are marked as “required” in the first column.
  • 15x1-4. Sort Columns
    • The workflow platform changes the order of the columns in the TSV list and stores them.
  • 24x1-5. Get TSV List Row Count
    • The workflow platform retrieves the number of rows in the TSV list.
  • 13x1-6. Request Activity Report
    • The workflow platform initiates the reporting process, line by line on the TSV list.
  • 23x2-1. Set Subject
    • The workflow platform sets the subject line.
Business process variables to be passed on (number of data items: 19)
  • ◆ Report List Creation 14
  • Specify Completion Day q_active_opportunity_get_date 0
    • The conditions for extracting negotiation records (expected completion date) and date are stored.
    • processInstanceStartDatetime
  • Confirmation of Accuracy q_target_probability 18
    • The negotiation record extraction conditions (certainty) and numerical values (%) are stored.
    • 20
  • List of Featured Projects q_active_opportunity_list 1
    • Contains a list of records extracted from the Salesforce business meeting object.
  • ◆ Activity Report 13
  • Business Meeting Title q_opportunity_title 12
    • The name of the meeting in the Salesforce record is stored.
  • Sales Representative q_opportunity_owner_quser 4
    • The negotiation holder of the Salesforce negotiation record is stored.
  • Negotiated Amount q_opportunity_amount 8
    • The amount of the Salesforce negotiation record is stored.
  • Type of Business Meeting q_opportunity_type 6
    • The type of Salesforce negotiation record is stored.
  • Degree of Accuracy q_opportunity_probability 7
    • The accuracy of the Salesforce negotiation record is stored.
  • Expected Completion Date q_opportunity_close_date 9
    • The expected completion date of the Salesforce negotiation record is stored.
  • Sales Person’s Comments q_sales_person_comment 16*
    • Current and future activity status comments are stored.
  • Director’s Comments q_sales_management_comment 17
    • Comments on the sales manager’s report are stored.
  • ◆ System Information 15
  • Salesforce Opportunity ID q_opportunity_Id 10
    • The ID of the Salesforce negotiation record is stored.
  • Start Case Line Number q_start_line_number 11
    • Start Processed TSV list line number is stored.
    • 0
  • Record Count q_record_count 2
  • Filtered Record Count q_filtered_record_count 19
  • Featured Project: TSV List q_active_opportunity_tsv_list 3
    • Report required Item TSV list is stored.

Field name, Num, Initial value


This archive contains the BPMN icons that are not available in the Basic edition.


  • Associate the processor settings with the organisational structure on import
  • “1-2. Select Meetings Requiring Reports” process
    • Select the case that needs to be reported. Select “Required” in the reporting instructions in the list of noteworthy cases.
    • If “Reporting instructions” is not selected, it is treated as required.
  • “x1-6. Request Activity Report” Automated process
    • Start the reporting process (app included) for the line with the data item “Featured Project: TSV List”.

Arrangement Tips

  • “x1-1. Extraction of Business Meetings Requiring Attention” Automatic process
    • (C:) You can set the extraction conditions in the settings.
      • E.g.: SELECT id ,name,owner.Name,owner.Email,ownerid,Probability,Type,Amount,CloseDate from Opportunity where CloseDate > #{#q_active_opportunity_get_date} and Probability >= #{#q_target_probability}
        • Extracted from records in the Salesforce Commerce object
        • (Salesforce) API data item name CloseDate [expected completion date] is after (Questetra) data item “Expected Completion Date”.
        • The Salesforce API Data item name “Probability” is greater than or equal to the Questetra Data item “Degree of Accuracy”.


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