Order Delivery Process, kintone Integration 20230628
This process manages the configuration work (delivery work) after receiving a web service order until the service is provided. The flow is automatically initiated when the status is changed to “Requires support” in the contract ledger (kintone). When the delivery is completed, a “supported” status is automatically recorded in kintone.
Worker (#of Swimlane: 4)
  • System Linkage
    • (This lane is a collection of kintone integration and automated processes.There is no human processing)
  • Licensing Officer
    • Person in charge of arranging licence keys.
  • Construction Manager
    • Person in charge of building the ordered environment.
  • Mailing Agent
    • Person in charge of sending manuals.
Business Flow (Complexity of Workflow: 18)
  • 141-1′. Licence key modification
    • The licensing officer corrects the licence key based on the points raised by the building officer.
  • 41-1. License key arrangements
    • The Licensing Officer will arrange for a licence key with the details specified.
  • 61-2. Building the environment
    • The construction manager builds the environment based on the licence key that has been passed around.
  • 92. Arrange for manuals to be sent
    • The sending officer arranges for the address to be confirmed and the manual to be mailed.
  • 17x1. kintone acquisition
    • The workflow platform retrieves data from the kintone records.
  • 24x2′. Set Subject (no action)
    • The workflow platform sets the subject line.
  • 19x2. Subject, status, due date and time setting
    • The workflow platform sets the subject, processing status (to ‘3_Responding’) and task due date and time.
  • 20x3. kintone update (pid, status)
    • The workflow platform reflects the Questetra-side process ID and process status in the kintone record.
  • 21x4. Status settings
    • The workflow platform sets the processing status to ‘4_ready to respond’.
  • 22x5. kintone update (status)
    • The workflow platform reflects the processing status in the kintone record.
Business Process Variables (#of Data Item: 17)
  • Customer ID q_id 15 *
  • Customer Name q_customerName 0 *
  • Email Address q_customerEmail 1 *
  • Plan Selection q_plan 2
    • The contract plan selected by the customer is stored.
  • Desired construction date and time q_maintenanceDatetime 10
    • The desired date and time for building the environment is stored.
  • Task due date and time q_taskLimitDatetime 14
    • It stores the due date and time used to manage task deadlines.
  • License Key q_licenseKey 6*
    • It stores the licence key needed to build the environment.
  • Access URL q_accessUrl 8*
    • The access URL of the built environment is stored.
  • Initial Password q_password 9*
    • The initial password for the built environment is stored.
  • I would like to receive a manual q_optionSend 5
    • It stores whether the customer has requested to be sent a manual.
  • Postal Code q_sendZipcode 12*
    • The postcode of the manual delivery address is stored.
  • Delivery Address q_sendAddress 11*
    • The manual delivery address is stored.
  • Name of person to whom the letter is to be sent (title not required) q_sendName 13*
    • The name of the person to whom the manual is sent is stored.
  • Enquiry Number (post office) q_trackingNo 4*
    • The contact number is stored when the manual is sent.
  • kintone Record ID q_kintoneId 16
    • The kintone record ID of the target customer data is stored.
  • Processing Status q_status 18
    • The processing status of the target customer data is stored for sharing to kintone.
  • Memo / Comments q_memo 7

Field Name, num, Initial Value


This archive contains the BPMN icons that are not available in the Basic edition.


  • Set the kintone domain/app ID in the ‘Variable settings’ section.
  • The settings are based on the assumption that the following data items have been prepared in the kintone app.The choices of the selection system data items should match the Select-type data on the Questetra side.
    • ID (string, field name: k_id)
    • Name (string, field name: k_name)
    • Email address (string, field name: k_email address)
    • Plan (radio button, field name: k_plan)
    • Desired build date and time (date and time, field name: k_desired_build_date)
    • Request to send manual (radio button, field name: k_Request to send manual)
    • Questetra process ID (string, field name: k_Qid)
    • Processing status (radio button, field name: k_status)

Arrangement Tips

  • As the process starts with [Start: kintone: Record Created], there is a time lag of up to 15 minutes between the data change on the kintone side and the start of the process on the Questetra side.
    If you want to eliminate the time lag, consider using a webhook on the kintone side or customising the kintone side with Javascript. The process start part on the Questetra side needs to be replaced with [Message Start Event (Webhook)] or [Message Start Event (HTTP)].


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