Purchase Request flow
This section manages the process from purchase request application to order, delivery, and payment. When a purchase is approved at the [2. Judgement] Step, it proceeds to the order processing. If a money transfer is required after placing an order, it proceeds to the [5. Bank Transfer] Step in parallel with the [4. Delivery Confirmation] Step, which manages statuses such as “Order processing” and “Delivery waiting” so you can check the progress of your order.
BPMN Nodes
  • 1 1. Request Purchasing The requester enters the article of commerce information to request the purchase.
  • 3 1x. Rework The requester corrects the information and resubmits, or withdraws.
  • 2 2. Judgement The requester’s boss confirms the contents and returns any deficiencies.
  • 9 3. Report of Order completion The general affairs staff will place an order based on the application details.
  • 12 4. Delivery Confirmation The person in charge of reception confirms the item and hands it over to the applicant.
  • 15 5. Bank Transfer The accounting staff processes the bank transfer according to the application.
  • 4 x1. Recording of Withdrawal The system overwrites the “Status (Select-type)” Data Item to display “Withdrawn or Rejected.”
  • 6 x2. Recording of Rejection The system overwrites the “Status (Select-type)” Data Item to display “Withdrawn or Rejected.”
  • 8 x3. Status of Order processing waiting The system overwrites the “Status (Select-type)” Data Item to display “Order processing waiting.”
  • 10 x4. Status of Delivery waiting The system overwrites the “Status (Select-type)” Data Item to display “Delivery waiting.”
  • 13 x5. Status of Delivery completed The system overwrites the “Status (Select-type)” Data Item to display “Delivery completed.”
Workflow Diagram (click to open)
Variables (click to open)
  • = Purchase Request = 0:
  • Name of goods or services q_Item_Name 1:
  • Retailer information q_Retailer_Info 2:
  • Estimated price amount q_Estimate_Price 3:
  • Delivery destination q_Destination 4:
  • Desired delivery date q_Desired_date 5:
  • Recipient q_Recipient 6: ${processInstance.initQuserId}
  • Process ID of related Approval Process q_Appproval_ProcessID 7:
  • Related File attachment q_Related_Attachment 8:
  • Remarks (Inventory status or Urgency, etc.) q_Remarks 9:
  • = Ordering = 10:
  • Ordering schedule q_Order_Schedule 11:
  • Necessity of Bank transfer q_Bank_Transfer 12:
  • Order destination q_Order_Destination 13:
  • Ordering price q_Order_Price 14:
  • Budget classification q_Classification 15:
  • Remarks for Budget Classification q_Classification_Remarks 16:
  • Memos on Ordering q_Order_Memo 17:
  • Related file ,estimate,etc. q_Eestimate_etc 18:
  • = Progress = 19:
  • Status q_Status 20: Automatically set and overwritten at x1 – x5 1
  • Date of Ordering process q_Ordered_date 21: The finishing time of the ‘3 Report of Order completion’ Step is set
  • Date of Payment procedure q_Payment_date 22: The finishing time of the ‘5 Bank Transfer’ Step is set
  • Date of Delivery acceptance q_Delivered_Date 23: The finishing time of the ‘4 Delivery Confirmation’ Step is set



Available for Advanced and Professional edition.


  • You need to associate the Swimlane settings according to your organizational structure upon import

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