Purchase Request flow
Manages from purchase request to ordering/reception, payment. When a purchase is approved at the [2. Judgement] step, it proceeds to the ordering processing. If it requires a transfer process after placing an order, it proceeds to the Step of [5. Bank Transfer] in parallel with the Step of [4. Delivery Confirmation]. It manages status such as “Order processing” and “Delivery waiting”, so you can confirm the progress.
2019 (CC BY-SA 4.0) Questetra, Inc.
1. Request Purchasing 1x. Rework 2. Judgement 3. Report of Order completion 4. Delivery Confirmation 5. Bank Transfer Recording of Rejection Recording of Withdrawal Status of Delivery completed Status of Delivery waiting Status of Order processing waiting
guide = Purchase Request =
multiple Name of goods or services
multiple Information of Dealer
number Estimated price amount
select Delivery destination
yyyy-mm-dd Desired delivery date
search Recipient
single Process ID of related Approval Process
files Related File attachment
discuss Remarks (Inventory status or Urgency, etc.)
guide = Ordering =
yyyy-mm-dd Ordering schedule
radio Necessity of Bank transfer
select Order destination
number Ordering price
radio Budget classification
single Remarks for Budget Classification
multiple Memos on Ordering
files Related file ,estimate,etc.
guide = Progress =
radio Status
datetime Date of Ordering process
datetime Date of Payment procedure
datetime Date of Delivery acceptance



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