Help: Select-Type

Data Item: Select-Type

Capable of displaying a range of options from which users can select one or more, depending on the type of Select used.

Configs: Common
  • Item Name
  • Field Name
  • Data Type
  • Columns
  • Description
  • Note
Configs: Select (Select-Type)
  • Form Type
    • Radio button (choose a single option from an array)
    • Select box (choose a single option from a dropdown menu)
    • Check Box (choose multiple options using check boxes)
    • Search select box (choose a single option by typing into the box to search)
  • Required
  • Type of data source
    • Fixed choice list (manually enter choices into the Data Item)
    • Get choice list via HTTP (link to a URL where choices are stored)
    • App-shared Add-on file (draw choices from an list that has been previously uploaded)
    • Add-on file
    • String-type Data Item (that contains the choice and ID information)
  • Column Count
  • Dependent Parent (which must also be a Select-type Data Item)


Settings Screen

Input Screen


  • Column count determines how many options are displayed on a single line for radio button and check box-type selections
  • Selecting a dependent parent will restrict the choices in the child Data Item depending on what has been selected in the parent Data Item
  • The Choice ID of the options in the parent Data Item is linked to the matching leading digit(s) of the Choice ID in the child Data Item, i.e. if a parent has an option with a Choice ID of 1 it links to the child option with the Choice ID of 1, 10, 11, 100, etc., 2 links to 2, 21, 200, and so on
  • By using external URLs and app-shared add-ons to populate options lists you can update the options without having to edit the App that uses them
  • Service Task (Data Assignment) can utilise select-type Data Items to automatically update process data

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