SLA Credits Issuance Flow
Accepts reduction claims from customers and issues service credits based on the SLA (Service Level Agreement). When there is an application via the web form the Workflow is initiated, and the Service Operation manager confirms the results at the [2. Downtime Confirmation] Step. If it does not meet the SLA a service credit will be issued and automatic response email will be sent.
BPMN Nodes
  • 2 1. Confirm the Claim The person in charge confirms the application contents from the Web form.
  • 7 2. Downtime Confirmation The person in charge confirms the service downtime.
  • 8 3. Credit issuance/Create answer The person in charge calculates the compensation amount from the service downtime and creates a reply email.
  • 5 x1. Primary response time record The system sets the time at the time in the Data Item.
Variables (click to open)
  • = Contents of Claim = 0:
  • Organization Name q_Organization 1:
  • Contract ID or URL q_ID 2:
  • Department Name q_Department 3:
  • User Name q_User 4:
  • Email Address q_Email 5:
  • Phone Number q_Phone 6:
  • Remarks q_Remarks 7:
  • Attachment q_Attachment 8:
  • = Internal Record = 9:
  • Accepted Time q_Accepted 10: processInstanceStartDatetime
  • Primary response time q_Primary 11: Automatically set at x1
  • Final reply time q_Time 12: The processing completion time of “3. Credit issuance/Create answer” is automatically set
  • Year-Month q_Year 13:
  • Downtime q_Downtime 14:
  • Memo q_Memo 15:
  • = Primary response = 16:
  • Necessity of Primary response q_Necessity 17: Not need
  • Primary response Body q_Response 18: Thank you for contacting us.
    We will answer your claim as soon as we confirmed the event.
    Please be patient.
  • = Final Reply = 19:
  • Final Reply Body q_Reply 20: We deeply apologize for your inconvenience.
    We are going to issue Service Credit as follows.

     SC-ID: ●●●
      $ ●●●

    * It will be automatically applied at the next billing.



Available for Advanced and Professional edition.


  • You need to associate the Swimlane settings according to your organizational structure upon import

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