SLA Credits Issuance Flow

SLA Credits Issuance Flow
Accepts reduction claims based on SLA (Service Level Agreement) from customers and issues service credits. When there is an application via the Web form, the Workflow is Started, and the Service Operation manager confirms the results at the Step of [2. Downtime Confirmation]. If it does not meet the SLA, a service credit will be issued and automatically sends the response by email.
2019 (CC BY-SA 4.0) Questetra, Inc.
1. Confirm the Claim 2. Downtime Confirmation 3. Credit issuance / Create answer Primary response time record
guide = Contents of Claim =
single Organization Name
single Contract ID or URL
single Department Name
single User Name
single Email Address
single Phone Number
multiple Remarks
files Attachment
guide = Internal Record =
datetime Accepted Time
datetime Primary response time
datetime Final reply time
yyyy-mm Year-Month
single Downtime
discuss Memo
guide = Primary response =
radio Necessity of Primary response
multiple Primary response Body
guide = Final Reply =
multiple Final Reply Body


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