Stripe Billing Process 2023
An independent sub-process that can be invoked by various business flows. Through the Stripe API; 1) Stripe generates a Stripe invoice, and 2) Stripe sends the Stripe invoice. Billing will be done to customers who are already registered with Stripe, but when the customer is not registered, they will be billed after being created as a new customer.
Worker (#of Swimlane: 2)
  • Accounting
  • Accounting Leader
Business Flow (Complexity of Workflow: 20)
  • 162a. Check/Cancel
    • The department leader confirms the invoice generation and approves its submission, or cancels the invoicing. If left unattended, it will be automatically approved after 30 minutes.
  • 172b. Check/Cancel
    • The department leader confirms the invoice generation and approves its submission, or cancels the invoicing.
  • 53. Confirm Payment
    • The person in charge confirms the payment.
  • 1Input Draft
    • (Inputting Task for Debugging)
  • 4x1. Search Customers
    • The system searches for customers registered in Stripe by name or email address and sets the customer ID of the customer in the specified Data Item.
  • 8x2. Create Customer
    • The system registers new customers in Stripe.
  • 9x3. Create Draft Invoice
    • The system sends the data to Stripe. An invoice is generated on the Stripe side based on the data and saved as a draft.
  • 19x4. Finalize Draft Invoice
    • The system finalizes the invoice draft created in Stripe.
  • 20x5. Send Invoice
    • The system prompts Stripe to email the finalized invoice to your customer.
Business Process Variables (#of Data Item: 18)
  • = Billing Info = 0
  • Billing Business Name q_Billing_Business_Name 5
  • Billing Email q_Billing_Email 2 *
  • Billing Name1 q_Billing_Name1 3 *
  • Billing Name2 q_Billing_Name2 4 *
  • = Items Info = 6
  • Items (ItemName/Qty/UnitPrice…) q_Items 1 *
  • Total Amount q_Total_Amount 38
  • = Invoice Info = 14
  • Invoice Number q_DetailInvoiceNumber 36 *
    • INVOICE-#{#sformat('%06d', processInstanceId)}
  • Invoice Date q_Invoice_Date 15 *
    • processInstanceStartDatetime
  • Payment Due Date q_PaymentTermDate 7
    • processInstanceStartDatetime.addMonths(2).getFirstTimeInMonth()
  • Invoice Note q_Invoice_Note 17
    • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me (Email: / Phone: 03-0000-0001).
  • = Stripe Logs = 19
  • stripeInvoiceId q_invoiceId 20
  • InvoiceViewUrl q_invoice_view_url 25
  • Customer ID q_ID 21
  • Customer Details URL q_Customer_URL 24

Field Name, num, Initial Value


This archive contains the BPMN icons that are not available in the Basic edition.


  • You need to associate the Swimlane settings according to your organizational structure upon import
  • For cooperation settings with Stripe (HTTP Authorization settings), please refer to the following document

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