Release Overview

Date Release

Changes to be Noted

  • App archives (qar file) exported by the workflow platform before version 11.6 (March 2018) are now unavailable to be imported
  • Check out the plans for changes in future versions [Plans of Future Changes] at the bottom of this page.

Details for Version 13.0

(★: Appended on April 9, 2021)

Changes of Functions for All Users

  • None

Changes of Functions for Process Owners (Workflow Administrator)

  • Changed the interface when conducting [Reallocate] of an Operator (changed JavaScript library)
    • The interface for specifying (forced allocation) a User to take over the operation when deleting a User is changed as well
  • ★ Execution error notification emails of the auto-step now include the URL to display the details screen of the target Process

Changes of Functions for Workflow Designer

  • In [App List], you can now open the App Details screen in a new tab with Ctrl key + click
  • When opening the settings screen of each version from the version list on the App Details screen, it now opens in a new tab of the browser
  • In [App Shared Add-on] you can now check the Workflow Apps that refer to each Add-on
  • ★ App definition setting error notification emails now include the URL to display the target App
  • App archives (qar file) exported by workflow platform before version 11.6 (March 2018) can no longer be imported
  • Fixed the following Bugs:
    • No completion message is displayed after [Release developing version N]

Debug process execution

  • You can now [Start Debug Process] by clicking the button on the property settings screen of the Start Event in the workflow diagram
    • The [Start Debug Process] button on the App Details screen does not work anymore

Concerning all Editions (Basic/Advanced/Professional & Enterprise)  

Service Task (Data Assignment)

  • ★ Formatting Date/Datetime-type data by specifying the time zone is now available
    • Outputs to a character string by formatting a Date/Datetime-type data
    • Output to Date/Datetime-type data by formatting a character string

Concerning Advanced/Professional & Enterprise  

  • Added the following Start Events that will be triggered to start a new Process by external cloud services
    • Start: Google Calendar: Event Started
      • A new Process starts when the start time of the appointment on the specified calendar has passed
    • Start: Gmail: Email Message Received
      • ★ Postponed
      • A new Process starts when an email arrives
    • Start: Box: File Uploaded
      • A new Process starts when files come into the specified folder
    • Start: kintone: Record’s Datetime Field
      • A new Process starts when the time of the specified Date and Time field has passed
  • Added the following automated processing Steps (Service Task)
    • Gmail: Get Email Message
      • ★ Postponed
      • Gets the source of the email specified by the ID, parses the body, attachment, etc., and saves them in the Data Items
    • Gmail: Unlabel an Email
      • ★ Postponed
      • Removes the labels from an email specified by ID
    • Box: Download File
      • Retrieves the specified file and save it in the File-type Data Item
    • Box: Delete Shared Folder Link
      • The opposite of Box: Create Shared Link to Folder
  • Changed specifications, internal implementations or fixed bugs in the following automated processing Steps (Service Task)
    • Google Calendar: Insert Event
      • You can now save Meet URL/Appointment ID/Appointment URL in Data Item
    • Google Drive: Search Folder
    • Google Drive: Delete File / Folder
    • Google Drive: Create Folder
    • Google Sheets: Append New Row
    • Google Sheets: Download Choice Data
      • Fixed a bug where the number 0 is judged to be empty and results in an error
    • ★Box: Create Folder
    • ★Box: Delete Folder
    • ★Box: Search Folder
    • Box: Upload File
      • Re-requests when getting 401 as a response
    • ★Box: Copy File
    • ★Box: Create Shared Link to Folder
    • Slack: Post Chat (Bots)
    • Slack: Post Chat (Incoming Webhook)
    • Slack: Upload File (Bots)
    • Converter (Text File to String type data)
    • (Any Website): File Download
      • Improved output to the Process Log

Message Start Event/Catching Message Intermediate Event/Receive Task

  • Regarding the following modelling elements, it is now possible to open the detail screen on which URL/parameters, etc. are displayed from the settings window of each modelling element in the Edit mode’s Workflow Diagram
    • Message Start Event (Form/HTTP/Webhook)
    • Catching Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)
    • Receive Task (Form/Webhook)
    • (HTTP/Webhook is only available for Professional/Enterprise Edition)
  • Fixed the following Bugs:
    • IP address filtering information is not displayed on the details screen of Receive Task (form)

Process log

  • You can now check the Process log of a specific node across Processes
    • Clicking on the magnifying glass icon on the top right of the setting screen of the target node on the Workflow Diagram
    • Many of the automated Tasks available in Advanced and above are the subject
    • The Script Task (for Professional) is as well

Concerning Professional & Enterprise  

Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)

  • An upper limit on the number of characters such as the Send parameter name is set now
    • Parameter name of a Send parameter; 100 characters
    • Fixed value to be set in a Send parameter; 1000 characters
    • Content-type for directly specifying Request body; 200 characters
    • Filename to be given when saving as a file; 200 characters
  • When an HTTP request in OAuth2 receives a response code: 401, it now reacquires the OAuth2 access token and then tries to make the request again
    • If the response is 401 due to the old access token, there is a possibility that the request will succeed with this correspondence
    • Re-requesting is performed only once

Script Task

  • ★ HTML emails are now possible to send
    • Added setHtmlBody()/setTextBody() methods to EmailMessageWrapper class
  • When an HTTP request in OAuth2 receives a response code: 401, it now reacquires the OAuth2 access token and then tries to make the request again
    • If the response is 401 due to the old access token, there is a possibility that the request will succeed with this correspondence
    • Re-requesting is performed only once
    • Applies only cases where HttpRequestWrapper.authSetting()is used
      • Re-requesting is not performed if the bearer () method (deprecated) is used
  • Improved the class/methods related to Google connectivity
    • Added HttpRequestWrapper.googleOAuth2()
    • Deprecate HttpClientWrapper.getGoogleOAuth2Token()
  • ★ Added DateFormatWrapper class that handles Date/Datetime formats

Changes of Functions for System Administrator

  • In the details page of Organization/Role, you can now see the System Authorization and App Authorization that has been granted the Organization/Role
  • Changed the design and interface of the [System Log] screen
  • You can now specify a time in the filtering by date function of [System log] and [Process log]
  • In the CORS settings, using “*” in [Allowed Origin to send cross-origin requests] when the [Allow sending credentials] option is enabled will cause an error during operation
  • Fixed the following Bugs:
    • Line breaks are not reflected when displaying Auto-processing Logs for such as a Script Task in [Process Log]
    • In Processes run as [Debug process execution] (Debug Process), the version is displayed as “-2” which should be “D”

Changes of Functions for System Engineers

  • With the API; /API/User/Membership/listByQuser, that acquires the User’s affiliation information (Membership), you can now acquire the Main Organization
    • The Organization on which the value of primary is set to true is the Main Organization of the specified User

Non-functional Changes and Changes of External tool Functions

  • Upgraded PostgreSQL to 12 from 9.5

Plans of Future Changes

We are planning to alter the following specifications and system platform in future versions.

Schedule for July 2021

  • Rhino will be discontinued as a script engine for Script Tasks and Service Tasks (Add-on)
  • Along with the discontinuation of Rhino, the data retrieving/updating method for the following formats will be discontinued
    • Retrieving: data.get(“1”), Updating: retVal.put(“1”, “foobar”)
    • Please change to the new format (Ver. 11.4 or later) such as engine.findDataByNumber(1), engine.setDataByNumber(1, “foobar”) (M230)
    • Reference: Notice Concerning Deprecation of Rhino (June 2021)
  • For the APIs of “Querying for all Process Instances records” and “Querying for Task records operated by the User”, it will be changed to explicitly specify to include Data Items as display items in search results
    • Currently, Data Items specified as search conditions are automatically included in search results
    • After the specification change, only Data Items with the specified element will be included in the search results
  • Microsoft IE11 will be excluded from supported browsers

Schedule for October 2021

  • Nashorn will be discontinued as the script engine for Script Tasks and Service Tasks (Add-on)
  • In the settings for Service Task (Data Assignment) to update a String-type Data Item, reference expressions using data definition number will be discontinued
  • In the Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP), etc. the method of Basic Authentication setup within an App will be discontinued

Schedule for April 2022

  • The Advanced Layout function for customizing the Operating Form screens will be discontinued
  • The following APIs of so far that add/remove Stars to Tasks will be discontinued
    • /API/OR/Workitem/Star/add
    • /API/OR/Workitem/Star/remove
  • In XML that specifies search conditions, the element workitem-starred that specifies whether a Task has been starred or not will be discontinued
    • Use the element starred to specify the presence or absence of Star in Process

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