Release Overview

Date Release

Changes to be Noted

  • Microsoft IE11 will be excluded from supported browsers
  • Rhino as a script engine for Script Tasks and Service Tasks (Add-on) will be discontinued
  • For the HTTP authorization setting method such as for Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP), abolished the Basic Authentication setting within the event setting screen
    • The Basic Authentication setting that has been set will be automatically migrated to HTTP Authorization Setting
  • Check out the plans for changes in future versions [Plans of Future Changes] at the bottom of this page.

Details for Version 13.1

Changes of Functions for All Users


  • On the [Page for Printing] screen, even if you click the workflow diagram, it will no longer open in a separate window
  • Changed the design and interface of the Apps list for the Process start (changed the JavaScript library)
    • You can use the previous screen by clicking on the [Previous Version] button at the bottom of the screen (limited to Ver. 13.1)
  • In the Apps list for Process start, you can now give a star to Apps and filter by them
  • Fixed the following Bugs:
    • A system error will occur if a User who does not have control privilege performs a forced task allocation
    • A system error will occur when finishing the Task Operating if the Process is deleted after opening the Task Operating screen
    • In “Conversation about this” on the Process details screen, the display at the top of the comment is improper
    • In the search report (saved search criteria list) in the side menu, reports that are not to be displayed may be highlighted

Changes of Functions for Workflow Designer

  • After transitioning to the App details screen from the Apps list, the filter condition specified earlier is applied when going back to the list screen again
  • Changed the design and interface of the screen opened by [Release] operation in the App details
  • Fixed the following Bugs:
    • On the screen to confirm the version details of a workflow App, the window title of the browser tab is indicated as “Edit App Settings”

Concerning all Editions (Basic/Advanced/Professional & Enterprise)  

Data Item

  • In HTML that can be described in the Description on Data Item property such as Guide Panel-type, you can now use values begin with “data” for the src attribute of the img tag


  • Fixed the following Bugs:
    • When selecting a User or an Organization from the org tree, the User who should be on the list may not be displayed or vice versa

Throwing Message Intermediate Event (email)

  • HTML Email
    • You can now specify HTML in the mail body
    • Handled as multipart/alternative if both Plain text and HTML are specified
    • It is also possible to specify Plain text or HTML alone
    • There is no conversion that replaces the line feed code with <br>, so you need to prepare the HTML code in advance
  • To/Cc/Bcc settings are now multiple text fields
    • One text field per one setting
    • To specify two To-address, add another text field
    • Existing settings will be automatically replaced at upgrading to Ver. 13.1
  • The number of entered characters are now indicated on the From/To/Cc/Bcc field
  • You can now attach files without embedding File-type Data Item into email body
    • Changed the method of specifying the attachment file to specifying in the independent setting item instead of embedding it in the body
    • Settings in the existing Apps will be automatically changed at upgrading to Ver. 13.1

Service Task (Data Assignment)

  • You can now clear value in all Data-types
    • If [Value or Expression] field is blank, it indicates ‘Clear Input Value’
    • It is not applicable for Discussion-type, which is appending only, and Guide Panel-type, which is display only
    • User/Organization/Table/File-types can only clear values. Data setting to other values is not supported.
  • Content-Type/file size of File-type data can now be output to String-type Data Item
    • List of Content-Type: #{#q_file?.![contentType]}
    • Size of the first File: #{#q_file?.get(0)?.length}
  • In the data settings to the String-type Data Item, the object of each cell of Table-type data is now possible to be referred
    • Label for selection: {#q_table?.getObject(0, ‘kind’)?.display}
  • In the data settings to the String-type Data Item, some available functions are added
    • The function to concatenate collections (mainly lists) by specifying Prefix/Suffix/Joiner
    • The function that splits a multi-line character string line by line and rejoins it (# joiner.splitJoin ())
    • The function to escape HTML code etc. (# escaper.escapeHtml () etc.)
  • In the function using dateFormatter, an error does not occur now even if the value is empty

Concerning Advanced/Professional & Enterprise  

Automatic processing Steps that cooperate with other cloud services

  • Added the following automated processing Steps (Service Task)
    • Box: Move File
    • Box: Delete File
    • Google Calendar: Delete Event
    • Google Calendar: Move Event to another Calendar
      • Moves the specified calendar event to another calendar
  • Changed specifications, internal implementations or fixed bugs in the following automated processing Steps (Service Tasks)
    • Google Calendar: Insert Event
    • Slack: Post Chat (Bots)
      • Changed the setting to use OAuth2
      • Slack Bot Token is now deprecated
    • Slack: Upload File (Bots)
      • Changed the setting to use OAuth2
      • Slack Bot Token is now deprecated
    • Microsoft 365 OneDrive for Business: Upload File
      • Added ‘Replace if the file with the same name already exists’ option
        • Default is ‘Do not overwrite’
        • Previously the default was ‘Overwrite’
      • It will now always fail if multiple files with the same name are attached to the File-type Data Item
    • Microsoft 365 OneDrive for Business: Copy File / Folder
    • Microsoft 365 OneDrive for Business: Create Folder
    • Microsoft 365 OneDrive for Business: Delete File / Folder
    • Microsoft 365 Excel: Insert New Row
    • Start: kintone: Record’s Datetime Field
      • It now supports Basic Authentication
        • The following items for kintone support Basic Authentication as well
    • kintone: Add New Record
    • kintone: Get Record
    • kintone: Update Record
    • kintone: Delete Record
    • kintone: Upload File
    • kintone: Download File
    • kintone: Download Choice Data

Message Start Event/Receive Task (Form)

  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • If the Step Name is not set, the title will not be displayed when the form is displayed

Concerning Professional & Enterprise  

Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)

  • For the HTTP authorization setting method the Basic Authentication setting within the event setting screen has been abolished
    • Existing Basic Authentication settings will be automatically migrated to HTTP Authorization Setting at upgrading to Ver. 13.1.
    • By implementing this auto-migration, we will change the policy that was scheduled to be abolished in October 2021 (Ver. 13.2) and will abolish it ahead of schedule
    • Basic authentication itself will not be obsolete. Basic authentication can still be used in HTTP communication..

Script Task/Service Task (Add-on)

  • Discontinuation of Rhino
    • Script task: The script engine will be replaced with GraalJS
      • Execution result may change
    • Service Task (Add-on): The script engine is not changed
      • A run-time error will occur
    • Along with the discontinuation of Rhino, the following types of data reference/update methods will also be discontinued
      • Retrieving:data.get(“1”), Updating:retVal.put(“1”, “foobar”)
    • See Notice Concerning Deprecation of Rhino (June 2021) for the details
  • When an undefined Choice ID is specified to sub-data of a Select-type Data Item, it is now processed as unselected
    • Fixed an issue where undefined option IDs were set as is
    • The same applies when receiving data such as with [Message Start Event (HTTP)]
  • Joining of collection or character strings is now available
    • Added com.questetra.bpms.core.event.scripttask.Joiner class
  • HTML escaping, etc. in character strings is now available
    • Added com.questetra.bpms.core.event.scripttask.StringEscapeUtilsWrapper class
  • Referring to the sub-data object of Table-type Data Item is now available
    • Added getObject(int row, String varName) method to ScriptListArray Class
    • Added getObject(String varName) method to ScriptListRow class
    • For example, you can now refer to the display label of the Select-type item in Table-type.

Changes of Functions for System Administrator

  • Changed the notation of G Suite to Google Workspace on the screen for such as User Batch Registration
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • A system error will occur if creating a new User with the Main Organization specified and the Organization is deleted by a 3rd person during the creation, then the [Add new user] button is clicked
    • No error message is displayed even when creating a new Organization with the Parent Organization specified and the Organization is deleted by a 3rd person during the creation, then the [Add new organization] button is clicked
    • The error message is not displayed correctly even if when performing Batch change Operator settings and the Organization to be changed is specified and the Organization is deleted by a 3rd person during the change and then the [Confirm] button is clicked
    • When adding authority such as App Authorization by specifying a Role and the role is deleted by a 3rd person then the [New authorization] button is clicked, it moves to another screen even though the role is not added correctly
    • Basic/Advanced edition users cannot change the Main Organization

Changes of Functions for Questetra API Developers

  • In the Process search/Task search API, searching by specifying reportId is now available
    • reportId: an ID given to the saved search criteria
    • If you have saved the search criteria, you will be able to search without specifying the search criteria XML
  • Special reportId is given to My Tasks/Offered in Process Search/Task Search API
    • My Tasks: reportId=ALLOCATED
    • Offered; reportId=OFFERED
  • APIs for My Tasks/Offered is now deprecated
    • My Tasks: /API/PE/Workitem/listAllocated
    • Offered: /API/PE/Workitem/listOffered
  • Improved the processing speed of APIs that update members of Organizations/Role

Non-functional Changes and Changes of External tool Functions

Plans of Future Changes

We are planning to alter the following specifications and system platform in future versions.

Schedule for October 2021

  • Nashorn will be discontinued as a script engine for Script Tasks and Service Tasks (Add-on)
  • In the settings for [Service Task (Data Assignment)] to update a String-type Data Item, reference expressions using data definition number will be discontinued
  • To Include Process Data Items in search results, specify them explicitly as display items in the API to search All Process History and search all Tasks operated by the User
    • Currently, Data Items specified as search conditions are automatically included in search results
    • After the specification change, only Data Items with the specified element will be included in the search results

Schedule for April 2022

  • The Advanced Layout feature for customizing the Operating Form screens will be discontinued
  • The following APIs that add/remove Stars to Tasks will be discontinued
    • /API/OR/Workitem/Star/add
    • /API/OR/Workitem/Star/remove
  • In XML that specifies search conditions, the element workitem-starred that specifies whether a Task has been starred or not will be discontinued
    • Use the element starred to specify the presence or absence of Star in Process

Schedule for April 2023

  • The following APIs for retrieving My Tasks/Offered will be discontinued
    • My Tasks: /API/PE/Workitem/listAllocated
    • Offered: /API/PE/Workitem/listOffered

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