Contract Approval Flow, ChatGPT Linkage 20230526
The system manages the process from registration of the draft contract to the postage stamping process. After registering the draft contract, the supervisor approves it with reference to the checkpoints and problem cases automatically generated by ChatGPT. After approval, the contract is checked by legal affairs and then stamped and mailed.
Worker (#of Swimlane: 4)
  • Company Employee
  • Supervisor
  • Legal Officer
  • General Affairs Manager
Business Flow (Complexity of Workflow: 18)
  • 11. Register a draft contract.
    • The person in charge registers the draft agreement.
  • 41x. Respond to supervisor’s remarks
    • The drafter responds to the supervisor’s remarks and revises the draft.
  • 91y. Respond to legal remarks
    • The drafter responds to Legal’s remarks and either amends or withdraws the draft.
  • 32. Approve the draft contract
    • The drafter’s supervisor either approves the draft or sends it back if it is incomplete.
  • 73. Approve the draft contract
    • The legal officer reviews and approves the draft. Any deficiencies are pointed out for correction.
  • 104. Get other party’s agreement
    • The officer reports on the results of the contract negotiations.
  • 115. Contract confirmation
    • The employee’s supervisor confirms the results report.
  • 126. Sign and seal by post
    • The person in charge prints and stamps the contract and dispatches it by post.
  • 16x0. Set Subject
    • The workflow platform sets the subject line.
  • 14x1. Check item generation (OpenAI:Chat)
    • ChatGPT generates the appropriate check items for the registered contract type.
  • 15x2.Trouble example generation (OpenAI:Chat)
    • ChatGPT generates a collection of trouble cases suitable for the type of contract registered.
  • 17x3. Generation result correction
    • The workflow platform stores error messages if “Check item generation” and “Trouble example” are empty.
Workflow Diagram (click to open)
Business Process Variables (#of Data Item: 20)
  • ▼ Contractor Info ▼ 0
  • Company Name q_Company 1*
    • The name of the company with which the contract is concluded is stored.
  • Contact person’s department + name q_Personnel 2*
    • The name and signature of the department and name of the person in charge of the subject of the contract conclusion are stored.
  • Postal code + address q_Address 3*
    • The postcode and address of the subject of the contract conclusion are stored.
  • Telephone number q_Phone 4*
    • The telephone number of the person in charge of concluding the contract is stored.
  • Email q_Email 5*
    • The email address of the person concluding the contract is stored.
  • Company size q_Scale 6*
    • (Subject to contract conclusion) Company size is stored.
  • Type of industry q_Industry 7*
    • (Subject to contract conclusion) The industry sector of the company is stored.
  • ▼ Contract information ▼ 8
  • Contract drafting q_Create 9*
    • The source of the contract is stored.
  • Contract type q_Type 10*
    • The type of contract is stored.
  • Supervisor’s acknowledgement q_Supervisor 11*
    • The supervisor’s approval status is stored.
  • Legal approval q_Legal 13*
    • The Legal Department’s approval status is stored.
  • Contract overview q_Overview 12*
    • The summary of the contract is stored.
  • Contract file q_Files 14*
    • The digital file of the contract is stored.
  • ▼ Company Newsletter ▼ 15
  • ◆ Precautions for Approval 19
  • Checklist items for approval q_check_lists 17
    • Examples of check items appropriate to the contract type (during approval) are stored. (ChatGPT auto-generated)
  • Trouble examples q_trouble_example 18
    • A general collection of problem cases for the specified contract type is stored. (ChatGPT auto-generated)
  • Comments q_Comments 16

Field Name, num, Initial Value


This archive contains the BPMN icons that are not available in the Basic edition.


  • [OpenAI: Chat, Interact with Parameters] add-on configuration (“Contract Approval Flow, ChatGPT Linkage” workflow App)
    • Recommended set values (as of 2023-05)
      • Model name (AI engine name): gpt-3.5-turbo
      • Sampling temperature: “0”
      • Request Prompt: “Please list 5 items to be checked for #{#q_Type}, up to 50 characters each.”
    • Possible timeout occurs (OpenAI API response) due to a change in the configuration value.
      • Example: In cases where the model name is “gpt-4”, a timeout occurs with a certain probability (2023-05 test, multiple occurrences confirmed)
    • Changes to settings values must be thoroughly tested.


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