Inquiry Management Process, Chronologically Formatted Response History 20220819
This is a workflow in which several interactions are recorded in one place until the query is closed. The correspondence and attachments are stored in chronological order. Attachment names are recorded with the date and time appended at the beginning.
Workers (Number of swimlanes: 2)
  • Source of Inquiry
  • Inquiry Responder
Workflow (Complexity of workflow diagram: 18)
  • 61. Reception/Response
    • The responder for the inquiry will provide a description of the response.
  • 132. Response
    • The responder for the inquiry will enter a response.
  • 7x1. Set Title
    • The workflow platform edits and stores the subject line.
  • 8x2.I: Archival Storage
    • The workflow platform stores the details of the inquiry in the history.
  • 25x3.I: Attachment Duplication
    • The workflow platform stores inquiry attachments in the history.
  • 24x4. Clear Inquiry
    • The workflow platform clears the inquiry and attachments.
  • 19x5.R: History Storage
    • The workflow platform stores the responses in the history.
  • 26x6.R: Attachment Duplication
    • The workflow platform stores response attachments in the history.
  • 22x7. Forced Close
    • The workflow platform forces the inquiry status to be changed to closed.
  • 23x8. Clear Response
    • The workflow platform updates the inquiry date and time with the date and time of the additional question.
  • 10Confirmation of Inquiry Response
    • The workflow platform displays the content of the response and accepts the intention to close the inquiry or additional questions.
Business process variables to be passed on (number of data items: 20)
  • Inquiry Number q_inquiry_number 4
    • The query number is stored. It is automatically generated when the inquiry is received.
    • INQ-#{#sformat(‘%06d’, processInstanceId)}
  • Inquiry Date and Time q_inquiry_datetime 3
    • The date and time of the inquiry receipt are stored.
    • processInstanceStartDatetime
  • ◆ Inquiry Response 18
  • Respondent q_response_quser 13
    • The inquiry respondent is stored.
  • Response Date and Time q_response_datetime 14
    • The date and time of the response are stored.
  • Response Description q_response_description 11*
    • The response text described by the respondent is stored.
  • Response File q_response_file 12
    • It contains attachments that supplement the response text.
  • ◆ Inquiry Details 17
  • Company Name q_inquiry_corp_name 7*
    • The name of the inquirer’s company is stored.
  • Inquiry Name q_inquiry_name 5*
    • The name of the inquirer is stored.
  • Email Address q_inquiry_email 6*
    • The email address of the inquirer is stored.
  • Telephone Number q_inquiry_phone_number 8
    • The telephone number of the inquirer is stored.
  • Inquiry Closed q_otoiawase_ 16*
    • The query close type is stored. Additional questions are stored if they occur.
  • Inquiry Description q_inquiry_description 9
    • The query text is stored.
  • Inquiry File (1) q_inquiry_file_1 0
    • Attachments supplementing the query text are stored.
  • Inquiry File (2) q_inquiry_file_2 10
    • Attachments supplementing the query text are stored.
  • ◆ History 19
  • Enquiry / Response History q_inquiry_text_history 1
    • The inquiry/response is stored in chronological order. If there are attached files, the file name is appended.
  • Attachment History q_history_files 2
    • Attachments at the time of the inquiry/response are stored. A string containing the type, date and time of the inquiry/response is appended to the beginning of the file name.
  • Response Form API Key q_response_form_api_key 15
    • Contains the API key for accessing the response reference form.
    • #{#randomString(12)}

Field name, Num, Initial value


This archive contains the BPMN icon, which is only available in the Professional edition.


  • Associate the handler settings according to the organisational structure when importing.


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