Product Demo Flow
Accepts product demo requests and carries out the demo. Initiated by the acceptance of an application via the web form or an email, and the person in charge will be assigned at the [1. Assignment of Representative] Step. When the representative decides the demo date schedule it is automatically registered in Google Calendar. After performing the product demo, the person in charge will make a report at the [3. Demo Implementation report] Step, and the supervisor confirms it at the [4. Status Confirmation] Step.
BPMN Nodes
  • 1 0. Regiter Demo Request An employee registers the details of the received demo request.
  • 6 1. Designate Representative A Sales staff appoints a person in charge of the demo.
  • 8 2. Demo Date The designated person contacts the requester to determine the demo date.
  • 9 3. Report Demo Result The person in charge reports the result of the demonstration.
  • 11 3x. Rerwork The person in charge corrects the report as indicated by boss.
  • 10 4. Confirm Situation The person’s boss checks the report and returns any deficiencies. Will be automatically finished if unprocessed 24 hours.
  • 16 x1. Insert Calendar The system adds the appointment to the specified Google Calendar according to the value entered in the Data Items.
Variables (click to open)
  • = Inquiry for Demo Request = 0:
  • Desired Date (first choice) q_Date1 1:
  • Desired date (second choice) q_Date2 2:
  • Time of Day (first choice) q_Day1 3:
  • Time of Day (second choice) q_Day2 4:
  • Request q_Request 5:
  • Correspondence q_Correspondence 6:
  • Name of Organization q_Organization 7:
  • Name q_Name 8:
  • Email Address q_Email 9:
  • Phone number q_Phone 10:
  • = Inquiry for Demo Request (Emails, etc.)= 11:
  • Contents of Inquiry q_Inquiry 12:
  • = Schedule of Demo Inplementation = 13:
  • Representative in Charge q_Representative 14:
  • Scheduled Start time q_Start 16:
  • Scheduled End time q_End 17:
  • Remarks for Demo (Details of the Schedule) q_Remarks 18:
  • = Google Calendar Registration = 19:
  • Title of the Schedule on Calendar q_Title 21: [Product Demo]
  • = Demo Implementation Report = 22:
  • Number of Participants q_Participants 23:
  • Actions of following q_Actions 24:
  • Internal report q_Report 25:



Available for Advanced and Professional edition.


  • You need to associate the Swimlane settings according to your organizational structure upon import
  • Immediately after importing, a setting error will occur
    • Make the necessary settings in edit mode
  • For practical use, please change the fixed values that have been set
    • ”C2: Calendar ID” setting  in the Service Task “x1. Insert Calendar”
      • Check the target Google Calendar ID from the “Settings” menu and specify it
  • This App uses an automatic step that is different from the add-ons introduced in the “Scenario” article, so you cannot set “local time” or “direct links to Issue details page of Questetra”
    • Since the standard Service Task is used instead, it can be operated with Advance Edition

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