Product Demo Flow
Accepts product demo requests and carries out the demo. Initiated by the acceptance of an application via the web form or an email, and the person in charge will be assigned at the [1. Assignment of Representative] Step. When the representative decides the demo date schedule it is automatically registered in Google Calendar. After performing the product demo, the person in charge will make a report at the [3. Demo Implementation report] Step, and the supervisor confirms it at the [4. Status Confirmation] Step.
2019 (CC BY-SA 4.0) Questetra, Inc.
0. Accepyance of Request for Demo 1. Assignment of Representative 2. Demo Date 3. Demo Implementation Report 3x. Rerwork 4. Status Confirmation Insert Calendar
guide = Inquiry for Demo Request =
yyyy-mm-dd Desired Date (first choice)
yyyy-mm-dd Desired date (second choice)
select Time of Day (first choice)
select Time of Day (second choice)
check Request
multiple Correspondence
single Name of Organization
single Name
single Email Address
single Phone number
guide = Inquiry for Demo Request (Emails, etc.) =
multiple Contents of Inquiry
guide = Schedule of Demo Inplementation =
select Representative in Charge
select (TimeZone)
datetime Scheduled Start time
datetime Scheduled End time
multiple Remarks for Demo (Details of the Schedule)
guide = Google Calendar Registration =
single ID of the Calender
single Title of the Schedule on Calendar
guide = Demo Implementation Report =
radio Number of Participants
radio Actions of following
discuss Internal report
multiple (accessLog)


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