Website Analytics Report Process
Starts periodically to obtain access information and automatically delivers a report by an email. Generates reports automatically based on the information obtained from Google Analytics and Google Calendar using the API. Marketing staff are able to make additions and corrections to the reports.
BPMN Nodes
  • 5 0. Manual start Person in charge starts a Process (for Debug execution)
  • 2 1. Report preparation The person in charge confirms the obtained information. Possible to deliver it in-house by email If necessary.
  • 15 x1.Request to Calendar The system retrieves the appointments registered for the specified period from the specified Google Calendar.
  • 16 x2. Analytics (pv) The system retrieves information from Google Analytics.
  • 1 x3. Draft set The system generates a string with the value of the specified data item inserted and sets it in a Data Item.
Variables (click to open)
  • = Calendar information retrieval = 10:
  • Log start date (Calendar) q_Start 11: processInstanceStartDatetime.addDays(-8)
  • Log end date (Calendar) q_End 12: processInstanceStartDatetime.addDays(-2)
  • Retrieved Calendar data q_Calendar 8: Automatically set at x1
  • (Communication log: calendar) q_Communication 9: Automatically set at x1
  • = Ranking information retrieval = 0:
  • Log start date q_Start2 1: processInstanceStartDatetime.addDays(-8)
  • Log end date q_End2 2: processInstanceStartDatetime.addDays(-2)
  • Retrieved Analytics data q_Analytics 3: Automatically set at x2
  • (Communication log) q_Log 7: Automatically set at x2
  • = Internal report = 4:
  • Internal ML address q_Address 5:
  • Report q_Report 6: Automatically set at x3



Only available for Professional edition.


  • You need to associate the Swimlane settings according to your organizational structure upon import
  • For practical use, please change the fixed values that have been set
    • The Initial Value in the Data Item “Internal ML address”
  • Set up the connection with the Google Analytics
    • You need to Enable [Google Analytics Reporting API] in the Google Developers Console beforehand and obtain the Client ID and Client secret
    • Set up OAuth2 in [HTTP Authorization Setting] in the [App]
    • In the Service Task (Add-on): x2. Analytics (pv)
      • A: Set OAuth2 Config Name (at [HTTP Authorization Setting]) *: Set the OAuth2 setting name by select
      • B: Set ViewID of Group Analytics *: Set the View ID of Google Analytics
        • You can check the View ID in the View Setting in ADMIN menu

Arrangement Tips

  • In “x1. Request to Calendar”, the target calendar is set to “U.K. holidays”
  • Please specify a more useful calendar such as “Seminar Schedule”

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