Update Choices

Registers/updates the list of choices specified in a Select-type Data Item as both a Choice master (App-shared Add-on) commonly used in the workflow platform, but also an App-specific Choice master (Add-on). It needs to be set up by a User with App Administrator authority.

Configs: Common
  • Step Name
  • Note
  • Type of Add-on to be updated
    • App-shared Add-on file
    • Add-on file
  • [Me] User who updates choices *
  • Select data item whose choices will be saved *
  • Name when saving as Add-on *



  • The number of characters for Choice ID/Display label is limited to 1000 respectively
  • The number of Choices that can be registered is limited to 150,000
  • App-specific add-ons can also be updated by Users with System Administrator authority

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