Help: String-Type

Data Item: String-Type

For containing lines of text and numbers, and available in both a single line and multiple line format. You can type into editable String-type Data Items and the input will be saved when the task is either completed or saved.

Configs: Common
  • Item Name
  • Field Name
  • Data Type
  • Columns
  • Description
  • Note
Configs: String (String-Type)
  • Form Type
    • Text box single line
    • Text box multiple lines
      • Row Count
  • Required
  • Initial value
    • Manually input string
    • Expression (Process start user, App name, etc.)
  • Minimum Length
  • Maximum Length
  • Regular expression to be satisfied
  • Placeholder


Settings Screen

Input Screen


  • Regular expressions can be used to restrict the input data to specific formats such as email addresses, zip codes, etc.
  • String-type Data Items can be used in conjunction with some Service Tasks (such as Message Start Event (email)) to retain data received from external sources

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