Billing Settlement

Billing Process, ClimberCloud Integration

This process is used to create and electronically store invoices to be issued.
An invoice PDF is automatically generated from the input information.
The invoice PDF is automatically stored in ClimberCloud (a service that supports the Electronic Bookkeeping Act and invoice system).

Billing Process

The billing data is entered in [1. Invoice Data Check]. The invoice PDF is automatically generated in [PDF Auto-generation]. When payment is confirmed by accounting, all processing is completed.

Invoice Issuance-Sampling Check

Calculates the daily prorated amount and generates an invoice PDF. Based on the information entered in the Step of [1. Enter Number of Days Used], the daily prorated amount is calculated and an invoice PDF file is automatically generated. Although the generated invoice PDF can be checked at the Step of [2. Sampling check], the process will automatically proceed after 10 minutes.