Order Fulfillment

Order Delivery Process

This process manages the configuration work up to the delivery of a web service order.
Work is allocated to the person in charge according to the options specified when the order is received.
The manager can check the person in charge and progress of the configuration work for each project on the flow diagram.

Order Reporting Process, LINE Notification

This is an order response process initiated by receipt of a fax mail.
Immediately after the process starts, the order is notified on line.
After confirmation by the sales leader and general manager, if the order amount is $5000 or more, the order is also reported to the executives.
*This system is designed to work with an Internet FAX service that converts received faxes into PDF attachment emails and sends them out.

Zip Code Japan

About 120 thousand zip code master. By incorporating it in the workflow app, it becomes possible to refer to the postal code master in the setting of “Select (search select box)”. The data entry person can narrow down the choices (selection candidates) by entering part of zip code or address. Created based on Japan Post Co., Ltd. “Address Zip Code (CSV format)”.

Fax Reception Process

Internet FAX (cloud fax service) is a mechanism to convert received faxes into PDFs and notify them by e-mail. This Workflow-App receives the notification email via mailing list. After that, PDF data received is checked in [1. Confirm order]. Noise data such as unwanted faxes and false positives are eliminated. The files are saved according to the rule in the automatic processing step [Save G Drive].