Identity Management

Group Member List Creation Process

This process automatically creates a list of Microsoft365 group members and emails it to designated users.
If you want to do an inventory of the entire Microsoft365 group (contacting each group’s administrator for confirmation), you can use the list of group names and each group’s administrator address to do the batch process.

Account Registration Reservation Process

Issues user accounts and registers to/deletes from email lists and the Workflow platform/Roles. Information about a user is entered at the Step of [1. Request for Account], then after approval by the supervisor, it is passed to [3. Set accounts]. After that, additions to and deletions from the email list, etc. are automatically executed at the specified date and time.

Common Password Request

Manage common passwords. Passwords are recorded in Google Sheets and retrieved/updated via the API. The password user requests disclosure at the Step of [1. Password Request]. When the administrator approves, the password is automatically acquired and disclosed at the Step of [3. Password confirmation]. After confirmation, the password recorded in the Data Item is deleted.