Asset Mgmt.

Promotional Items Stock Management Process

This workflow manages the number of promotional items taken out and the number of items in stock. The number of items in stock can be checked at the time of application for removal. The number of promotional items in stock is automatically updated when the removal of items is completed.

Permission to Transport Data

A flow to approve permission to take data containing confidential information out of the office. The take-out applicant, approver, and approval time are automatically recorded to prevent fraud. Return storage and data erasure will be done by a third person.

Lending Management Process

Records and manages lending / returning of company-owned goods to employees. When a loan applicant registers an article in the process of [1. Lending request registration], the administrator approves/records it, and the applicant is notified by email of the rental of the goods. The return schedule is managed in year and month, and the end of the loan is automatically notified by email in the scheduled return month.

Account Registration Reservation Process

Issues user accounts and registers to/deletes from email lists and the Workflow platform/Roles. Information about a user is entered at the Step of [1. Request for Account], then after approval by the supervisor, it is passed to [3. Set accounts]. After that, additions to and deletions from the email list, etc. are automatically executed at the specified date and time.

Purchase Request flow

Manages from purchase request to ordering/reception, payment. When a purchase is approved at the [2. Judgement] step, it proceeds to the ordering processing. If it requires a transfer process after placing an order, it proceeds to the Step of [5. Bank Transfer] in parallel with the Step of [4. Delivery Confirmation]. It manages status such as “Order processing” and “Delivery waiting”, so you can confirm the progress.

Decision-making Request Flow

Realizes “proxy approval” by the deputy manager. That is, requests of less than 1 million yen proceed to [3a. Approval], and the deputy manager will also be able to give approval. Applications for between 1 to 5 million yen will be also accepted after 24 hours. Meanwhile, for applications over 5 million yen, proxy approval is not allowed.

Article Return Flow

Records the return of loaned items in management of goods in a government institute. The Process is Started by a return report from the lender or a returning order from the administrator. After approval by the Article Management officer (or Article Inspection officer), the goods are delivered from the Article Service officer to the Article Teller officer.