Information Control

Item Lending Process Using QR Codes

This workflow is used to confirm receipt and return of items on loan. A QR code is issued upon approval of a loan application and the applicant is notified. The person in charge in the General Affairs Department displays the form from the user’s QR code when lending/returning the item. The loan/return date and time are entered on the form.

Item Lending Process, View Lending List

This workflow accepts applications to borrow items. When a loan application is submitted, the loan status of the specified item is displayed in the list by pressing the search button. The loan status is retrieved from the loaned/reserved application, the period and user are retrieved and entered.

Internal Sales Management Process

This process is used to record internal sales contact activities.
The person in charge makes contact with the lead and enters information such as the introduction schedule according to the screen.
A score is calculated from the entered information, and only leads that meet certain criteria (SAL: Sales Accepted Lead) are passed on to the sales force (field sales).

Business Negotiation Management Process

This is the process of creating a user ID for a customer at the time of a business meeting. The service to be provided is determined according to the sales representative’s proposal. At the same time as the proposal is decided, a preparation request is automatically sent to the service representative.

Delete Seminar Application Information

The seminar application information in the kintone application will be automatically deleted. When a request is made to delete seminar application information from the public form, a deletion confirmation email will be sent to the applicant. When the applicant processes the deletion confirmation form in the email, the seminar application information registered in kintone (belonging to the applicant) will be automatically deleted.

URL String, Extract Parts

URL String, Extract Parts

Parses the URL/URI string to extract each component, such as Protocol (Scheme), Host, Hostname, Path, Query, Fragment, etc. For components that require URL decoding, decodeURIComponent processing is required separately in the downstream process.

Approval Request Flow

Records Processes beginning from the request for approval to the final approval. A director with approval authority can make a record of approval by simply processing the Step of [2x. Request from the Director] without going through the Steps of Submit and Approve. However, even the proposal was from a director, approval by the officer is required if it exceeds 1 million yen. All approvals are recorded and an approved proposal PDF is automatically generated.

Information sharing under the division of labor/with other departments

Manages customer service at the hotel business. When the front desk staff inputs the customer’s checkout at the Step of [1 Report Checked-out], the room cleaning staff carries out the cleaning and ends with [3 Inspect room]. If the staff in charge of the night shift has input what dealt with guest’s complaints, the front desk staff will be notified it so that to be possible an appropriate response at checkout.

Customer Master Data Sync Process

Synchronizes “Customer Master” managed in Google Spreadsheet, automatically. Automatically Starts 1:00 every night, connects to Google spreadsheet API, and acquires “Customer list”. The acquired customer list is reformatted and updated as “Customer Master (Options XML)” on the Workflow platform. It also corresponds to a manually starting by a person or checking on a list.

Common Password Request

Manage common passwords. Passwords are recorded in Google Sheets and retrieved/updated via the API. The password user requests disclosure at the Step of [1. Password Request]. When the administrator approves, the password is automatically acquired and disclosed at the Step of [3. Password confirmation]. After confirmation, the password recorded in the Data Item is deleted.

Employee Information Acceptance

Manages additions/updates in employee information and updates employee masters as needed. The data entered in the Step of [1. Addition / Updating of Employee’s Information] is passed to the Human Resources Department after approval by the supervisor. If the employee master needs to be updated, the current master is retrieved, new data is added, and then the employee master is automatically updated with it.

Guest Complaints Sharing Process

If there is a complaint from the guest, it will be recorded in [0. Entr. Guest / Complaint]. The front representative can recognize the occurrence of complaints by automatic mail at 5 o’clock in the morning. The content to be shared by the cleaning staff from the front manager is entered in [1. Rprt. Checked-out].