Maintenance Accident Report Process 20230221
This is the process for reporting work problems for field engineers. The problem report will be submitted in a public form. The accepted engineer ID is used to determine whether the engineer is legitimate or not. At the same time, attributes such as email address and phone number are obtained.
Workers (Number of swimlanes: 2)
  • Field Engineer
  • Troubleshooting Headquarters
Workflow (Complexity of workflow diagram: 20)
  • 1Response instruction
    • The staff at the troubleshooting headquarters will describe the response instructions.
  • 2x1. Get Engineer Profile
    • The workflow platform retrieves the registration information for the corresponding ID from the engineer master.
  • 12x10. Historical addition
    • The workflow platform stores problem reports in the history.
  • 28x2. Engineer Name
    • The workflow platform extracts the name from the engineer’s information.
  • 32x3. Engineer Kana Name
    • The workflow platform extracts the name (kana) from the engineer’s information.
  • 31x4. Engineer E-Mail
    • The workflow platform extracts email addresses from the engineer’s information.
  • 30x5. Engineer Tel no
    • The workflow platform extracts the phone number from the engineer’s information.
  • 29x6. Engineer Location Number
    • The workflow platform extracts the location No. from the engineer information.
  • 14x7. Subject
    • The workflow platform generates a subject line and stores the report in the history.
  • 7x8. Historical addition
    • The workflow platform stores the instructions in the history.
  • 33x9. Time Stamp
    • The workflow platform generates a processing completion timestamp for the problem response reporting process.
  • 8◆ Troubleshooting Report
    • The field engineer reviews the instructions and determines the end of the case.
Business process variables to be passed (number of data items: 20)
  • Spacer (1/2) 12
  • Problem No q_Trouble_No 6
    • (auto-numbered) Accident report numbers are stored.
    • T#{#format(processInstanceStartDatetime, ‘yyyy-MM-dd-HHmm’)}-#{#sformat(‘%06d’, processInstanceId)}
  • Date and time the problem occurred q_trouble_datetime 1*
    • The initial reporting time is stored.
    • processInstanceStartDatetime
  • Urgency q_urgency 5*
    • The urgency level of the problem is stored.
  • Engineer ID q_engineer_id 0 *
  • Engineer Name q_engneer_name 7
  • Engineer Name: Kana q_engneer_name_kana 8
  • Engineer: Email Address q_engneer_email 9
  • Engineer: Phone Number q_engneer_telno 11
  • Engineer: Location No. q_engneer_locale_no 10
  • Problem Category q_trouble_category 2 *
  • Target Products q_product 3 *
  • Operating Instructions q_Operating_instructions 14 *
  • Continuation of Support q_continue_kind 15 *
  • Problem Details Initial Report q_trouble_detail_first 18 *
  • Detailed Report of Problem q_trouble_detail 4 *
  • Correspondence History q_history_note 13
  • Engineer Profile q_Engineer_Profile 16
  • API Key q_api_key 17
    • #{#randomString(12)}
  • Processing completion timestamp q_time_stamp 19

Field name, Num, Initial value


This archive contains the BPMN icon, which is only available in the Professional edition.


  • Associate the processor settings with the organizational structure during import
  • The Engineer ID Master is registered in Manage Add-ons > Choice Master for Select-type Data Items.

Arrangement Tips

  • Engineer ID Master Example
  <item value="000001" display="Taro Yamada,,ヤマダ タロウ,075-123-4567,1234" />
  <item value="678901" display="Jiro Sato,,サトウ ジロウ,075-123-4568,1235" />
  <item value="123456" display="Saburo Yamamoto,,ヤマモト サブロウ,075-123-4569,1236" />
  <item value="000004" display="Shiro Goto,,ゴトウ シロウ,075-123-4570,1237" />
  <item value="000005" display="Goro Kato,,カトウ ゴロウ,075-123-4571,1238" />
  <item value="000006" display="Rokuro Suzuki,,スズキロ クロウ,075-123-4572,1239" />
  <item value="993456" display="Nanaro Suzuki,,スズキ ナナロウ,075-123-4573,1240" />


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