Order Report Process
To be approved by the Sales Manager. The Sales team leader operates [2. Confirmation], and then the Sales Manager does [3. Approval]. If the order value is over 1 million JPY it will be also reported to the directors. It can also be invoked from the Quotation Approval Process.
2019 (CC BY-SA 4.0) Questetra, Inc.
1. Order registration 1. Order registration 1x. Rework 2. Confirmation 3. Approval 4. Report to Directors
guide = Sold-to party info =
single Company name
single Name of representative
multiple Assignment
multiple Postal code, address
single Phone number
single Email address
guide = Order info =
radio Service contents
radio Dealing condition
table Table of details
single Label for Amount 1
number Subtotal 1
single Label for Amount 2
number Discount, etc. 2
single Label for Amount 3
number Tax, etc. 3
single Label for Total amount
number Total amount
guide = Internal message =
search Sales staff in charge
multiple Remarks
discuss Message
single (File name)
single (To Address)
single (To Name)



Process Modeling Story


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